Saturday, January 23, 2016

Another Saturday night

Today was fun but I'm worn to a frazzle. We had family over for the January birthdays. Our niece Samantha came over early to enlist Jilda's help in creating a MineCraft birthday cake for her son

She had a picture on her phone to use for a model and Jilda mixed food coloring so the buttercream frosting would match the colors in the picture. It took a minute, but I thought it came out well.

The kids wanted chili spaghetti, hot dogs, and baked potatoes. Jilda whipped up some regular spaghetti too for those who weren't as adventuresome.

For a few hours, the place was abuzz, but when everyone left just before dark, I had my pajamas on before they reached their cars.

There is a picture of Jilda and Samantha, but I sent it to her in case she wanted to post it on her blog tonight.

I hope your Saturday was a good one too.


  1. Jilda and Samantha did a terrific job on the Minecraft birthday cake.
    It sounds like this young man is going to have a great birthday!
    Warm smiles to you and Jilda as you settle in for a relaxing and quiet evening.

  2. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Even happy times can wear you out, but it's worth it!!

  3. Just rain here in Portland. Went to see the new Star Wars movie today. Wasn't impressed; same old tired story.

  4. A wonderful day for a birthday and some great cake!

  5. I'm with fishducky here. Also the cakes look good! Jilda is a wonder, isn't she. I bet she also was TIRED! You guys are great for that extended family. NICE

  6. It's always nice to celebrate with family but like you I'm ready for my pajamas by the time they go home too. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  7. Great job on the cake....Now I want something sweet to eat. Our next family Birthdays are not till March.

  8. Delightful photo of niece and clever confections. Jordan's happy birthday is assured!

  9. I am laughing at the picture in my mind. Jilda is standing in the door waving at the departing guests. You are diving into your bedroom to jump into your PJ's so you can saunter leisurely in to Jilda as she closes the door.

  10. Thanks for coming by my blog. Read a few of your past blogs and now I am following. Gotta support a home state fella. ;-) Now I'm going to check out Jilda's blog. Take care and stay warm, Sheila

  11. Leo loves Minecraft, I have never been much of a baker and don't know how well I would do trying to make a Minecraft cake so all that can do these fancy cakes I think are amazing

  12. My nephew plays Minecraft too. Cool cakes for the guys.
    Happy Belated Birthday to all the guys.


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