Saturday, January 09, 2016

Happy girl

Jilda hasn't been happy with the car we got to replace her beloved Ingrid (the Volvo). The Honda Civic we have now is a good car. It gets good gas mileage, and it has heated seats, which I thought was a fru-fru option until the first cold morning last January. 

She reached over to the console and flipped the switches on for both of our leather seats and a few moments later, my sizable rear end was toasty. After that day I wasn't sure I could live without one in my truck.

At any rate, I promised her we'd find her another car that she liked. 

She is a researcher...doing her homework with every major purchase. The vehicle that kept popping up was a Subaru Outback. When she showed me the specs, I had to admit it would be perfect for gigs because the rear seats fold down which would allow us to carry all our equipment without a hassle.

Yesterday, I found a nice used one on the Internet and called about. The vehicle sounded perfect and was in a price range we could easily afford. I had the added advantage of being the color of Ingrid.

We headed out before lunch on some errands and to drive the Outback. I knew the moment Jilda slid into the driver's seat that she'd like the vehicle. A huge smile crept over her face as she settled in and started exploring the interior. A quick flip of the sun visors revealed that both had lighted mirrors. It too had heated seats, and all the other features she'd hoped for.

We have to work out a few details before driving that baby home but I'm hoping we can make it happen this coming week.

After driving the car, we had a few other errands to run and we decided to grab lunch before heading home.

Stopping at a Cajun Restaurant, we order shrimp Po' Boys. Jilda got red beans and rice and I got a cup of seafood gumbo. This was a good warm up for my birthday at the beach.

All in all, it was a great day, and my spouse is a happy girl.


  1. With that smile, you better make the deal!

  2. Hello, Very sweet lady and her smile brightens I bet the whole room right up! Have a wonderful holiday and I pray she gets her car!
    Blessings, Roxy


  3. Happy and very pretty. As the old 'A Team' line goes, "Don't you love it then a plan comes together."

    I believe the Subaru is the #1 car in NH and ME. So they must be good vehicles. Every one we see we check the tag expecting it to be from the North East. Hiking the AT we did encounter many on the back roads, must be a tough car. Wishing Jilda the best with it.

  4. Happy new car, sweet lady!!

  5. Congratulations!
    In case, you've any lingering doubts ... a true story:

    In the aftermath of what might have been a grave situation, two firefighters were examining my car: One voiced his surprise, "I can't believe she didn't roll." Instead, from the other: "Are you kidding? No, that's a Subaru."
    I'd always heard they had a great center of gravity, but didn't expect to have that validated in such a manner.

  6. Yaaaay For Jilda. Shes really pretty too so Keep her smile going.
    Funny story...My nephew came running in one day and said "Daddy got an eweby!!!" He was two and couldn't say Subaru. So that's what we call them to this day.

  7. You had me at " lighted mirrors."
    So happy that she likes the car.
    Your Jilda is beautiful. It shows in her smiling eyes.

  8. It is fun to get a new car. It sounds like this one was made for Jilda.

  9. She does look happy. Glad you could find a car she likes.

  10. Nothing more important than making Jilda happy. I once rode in a car that had heated seats. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.


  11. Look at that sweet smile and those pretty blue eyes! I'm glad she found a winner in both you and the new car! Safe travels to the beach and have a wonderful week!

  12. I want to see a picture of pretty Jilda sitting at the wheel of that Subaru Outback. Bet the smile will be even bigger. I hope everything goes as plan and she gets the car she wants. I like my Dodge Caravan but it's starting to rust. Grrr.

  13. I just love that picture of Jilda. She's got the best smile. Hope all goes well in getting the Subaru. I'm in the research phase of getting a newer car. I can't imagine another summer in Florida without air conditioning. Mine isn't worth putting money into so it's time for something new for me. Wish me luck.

  14. Goood gal for researching! Not enough people do that. My co-worker has heated seats and I love it! my 98 Honda civic doesn't have that:)


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