Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winter evenings

My Fitbit buzzed after three laps around the barn this evening just after sunset. The temps had risen earlier in the day, but by late afternoon, the wind kicked up making a jacket feel like a smart idea.

I'd worked up a sweat so I sat on the concrete bench in our firepit area to cool off a bit before heading inside to write.

Up in the evening sky, a jet dragged a cotton vapor trail toward the south.  Trying to identify the sound, I closed my eyes. It wasn't a whisper, but more like the sound of air escaping a punctured bicycle tire. Whhhiiiissssss.

Most of the time I don't even notice the aircraft overhead. The barely audible sound is masked by the wind, birds, and everyday things. But on cloudless evenings, after the winds die down and birds have settled in, it's hard to miss them. There was another jet traveling in the opposite direction that slipped behind the pines before I pulled the camera from my pocket.

I sometimes wonder about the travelers. Where they are going...and what they see as they look out their portal windows sipping their drinks from plastic cups. I wonder if they wonder about me here on the ground? A splotch of ground in the middle of nowhere.

It's funny what you think about on winter evenings.


  1. I love to look at the jet's trail....and I also wonder about the passengers and where they are going.
    Warm wishes on this cold winter evening....


  2. Yeah, those winter evenings. I have done the same looking at a vapor trail, but you said it better! I like that. Nite. TAke care

  3. It's way too cold to spend much time outside around here but I'm glad someone can do it! When I'm in a plane I don't like to think about being above anyone or anything...I just read and pretend I'm on the ground in a car. But if I ever fly over Alabama I'll stop and take a peek and wave! I promise!

  4. It is fun to listen in the silence. You hear sounds you would otherwise miss.

  5. When I'm up in the airplane for some reason every time I fly I get a window seat. I asked for it once and they must have kept that information. I love looking down through that little window at those busy little ants down there and it makes me feel very small and insignificant myself. It put things in perspective.

    Looking at your photo, the first thing that came to mind was that Rick got lucky and and took a snap snot of a falling space debris entering the atmosphere.

    I see those jet trails every day on a a clear day or night as we are in the direct fly path and I wonder where they are going too.

    We're having a major snow storm right now.
    Have a great day.

  6. OMG-That is a great picture! There is so much that comes to my mind with that streak across the brilliant blue sky. If it was 200 yrs ago people would think they saw something truly alien or religious. I have thought of the same thing when I see these trails in the sky. I have been up in one of those and have looked down and wondered if anyone was looking up at us in the sky.


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