Friday, January 29, 2016

Berry pretty

We have bushes in our yard with berries the color of tiny rubies. They are beautiful and I know I should know there name but I don't. 

We didn't plant them so I'm assuming they are some collaboration with birds and Mother Nature.

Right now, they are the only color in our yard. 

Note to self: Research these berries and get thei story. They are too much of a gift to ignore.


  1. They are called "Red Berries" or more correctly Rubius Berrium.

    1. Are you sure that's not berrius rubrum? LOL

  2. The colors in the picture are complimentary of each other. They go from the bright red of the berries and gradually end up with a bit of green on leaves with many shades in between.

  3. They are nandina berries. Nandina is also called heavenly bamboo.

  4. Unfortunately, those pretty berries are a problem. Birds eat them and have spread them all over the place. We had some in out yard and we now have a grove of nandina in the woods behind our house.The nandina is listed as invasive in Alabama and people are being urged not to plant it and to trim off the berries. I don't know if this link from the Audubon Society on facebook will work here, but:

  5. Anonymous1:18 AM

    So you seem to be nurturing the nasty nandina--but they ARE pretty!!

  6. That color is definitely appreciated this time of year. I am longing for spring.

  7. I have no words but had to scroll through the comments to see what they were called. I think they are pretty. I like the Name "Heavenly Bamboo" over Nandina. Thanks Bonnie.

  8. Sherry agrees with Bonnie, the Nandina. WE have one by the door at GRand daughter's house.
    It is pretty!

  9. This is a beautiful picture!! It gives me inspiration!


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