Sunday, January 24, 2016

Busy Week

It's been an eventful week and next week will be chocked full too.  The New Orleans visit was one of the highlights. The only thing that could have made the trip better would have been if Jilda had gone too and we had a few extra days to explore, eat, and what not.

Looking through my stack of mail from last week, I pulled the latest edition of Garden & Gun. The name of this magazine put me off at first. Even though I have a few guns I've had for most of my life, I'm not a hunter. But flipping through a friend's copy last year, I realized it's one of the best magazines I've ever read.

The content is about the South that I love. The food, the music, the architecture, and the people. All the stories are by excellent writers. Rick Bragg, who is from Alabama, is a columnist and one of my favorite personal novelists, wrote an article in this edition. Roy Blount Jr. (Forest Gump.) The magazine features many other good writers, but I digress.

In the current copy of Garden & Gun, there are pieces about New Orleans. There's an interview with Matthew McConaughey, who is currently living in the Garden District of New Orleans while he finishes up some movies set in the south.

And I said all that to say this: There are beautiful places all over the world. America has its share with cities large and small that are incredible.  Northern California, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, I could go on. But there are cities in the south that are also incredible.

My blog buddy Jack has done (and continues to do)  an incredible exploring this country. Jilda and I've had our moments but haven't traveled as much as we'd like. I think it's time to get busy.


  1. I found you on Google+, I think it was and added you to my blog list. I believe you are from Alabama... am I right about that. I grew up in Jasper and after my husband retired from service we went back and lived another 30 years. I am thinking to myself I am gonna live your blog so here I am checking you out.

  2. Garden and Guns. I don't think we get that magazine up north.


  3. As always a good visit. Yes, we have some of the best in the world here in the USA. Much in the south. Small and large towns. Interesting points and great folk.
    There is nothing better for the the mind, than to find a good read. Column, blog, article, mag or book they all speak to you and give your mind room to roam.
    As a matter of fact that is why I am drawn here. ;-). (Plus you have a very pretty wife!)

  4. I grew up in this area. Now that I have returned I am finding so many places that I did not know existed. Others I knew about but had not seen. It is a shame that we long to see faraway places and forget to look at those that are close to home.

  5. I've found that some of the most beautiful places can be right where we are. Lots of folks travel far and wide, but don't even explore the places close by. I've been trying to explore more of the back roads of Ohio and have been delighted by what I've seen.

  6. I've never been further than 2 states away from where I live. I know there are a lot of beautiful places and Id love to see them. Money and time is tight for us. I love to read about Your (and Jacks)adventures.

  7. Mrs. C. and i enjoy travel but we've yet to spend much time in the South and there are many things there I'd love to see.

  8. It would have been a great time for you and jilda to visit before it gets too hot.
    Maybe you can plan the next trip together.



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