Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Walk

It rained most of the morning but the breakfast temp was the highest of the day. Schools let out a half day and things started getting a little crazy. We needed chicken feed and wild bird seed so we headed to the local seed and feed store.  We also needed a few things for our January Birthday Party for everyone who was born the first month of the year. We swung by the grocery store (I promise it wasn't bread or milk), and the place was buzzing.

We don't get a lot of snow here and when it does, we get excited.  Some folks long for an excuse to
drive faster. Snow and ice give them that opportunity. Before we got home, flecks of snow and sleet ticked off our windshield

By the time we'd unloaded the car, our great nephew Jordan was calling from next door. "Do Y'all want to walk in the snow?" None of the flakes were sticking but we rarely pass up a chance to spend time with that youngun'.

We ran, wrestled, chased dogs, and I shot a video of him trying to catch snowflakes in his mouth.  He was a little disappointed that the snow didn't stick enough for him to deliver me a snow pie, but we all had a great time outdoors. Afterwards, Jilda whipped up a batch of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

We texted pictures and a short video to his mom, who was working this afternoon. We helped raise her too and when she was eight-years-old, she was the one running through the fields behind our house trying to catch snowflakes in her mouth.

There's a chance we'll get more of the white stuff tonight, but it's hard to say if it will happen or not.
More to follow.


  1. Anonymous7:07 PM

    He's trying SO hard to catch those flakes!!

  2. Youth and snow, a great combination!

  3. Nice. Nothing like snow to stir a boy's interest and enthusiasm. We live in an area of NC that rarely gets snow. Today Sherry got to see our Great Grand daughter in the 1" of snow, sliding around.
    For sure Like his mama, the kid is gonna remember you guys!

  4. So glad that your great Nephew was able to "play" in the snow and catch some flakes. I'm sure he was beyond excited.
    Love the fact that you and Jilda played with him. Those are memories that are forever ones! (The hot chocolate sounds good, too!)
    Brings out the joy in any matter the age.

  5. I hope you only get an "enjoyable" amount of snow.

  6. We got our first snow today. It was mixed with ice so it was hardly tongue drop snow. Oh to be a child again.


  7. Delightful. Romping is a great art.

  8. It goes to show that children are the same in each generation. Their wonder holds a fascination for me.

  9. Glad you got your little bit of snow there to enjoy. Kids always love the snow, but as for me I'm glad this particular storm passed us by.

  10. It's awesome seeing a kid get so excited about a few flakes of snow. I wish he could come up here to get his fill of snow flakes. Thanks for the video.
    Hope you get an inch of the white stuff to make a little snowman.

  11. Morning, very sweet, it is through a childs face and funny antics we get to enjoy this part of life. So glad his mother got to see it also!
    We need more snow around these parts, but the high country has gotten a good amount. We get our most snow in March...
    Blessings, I need to get busy on some things for Valentines Day!
    I appreciate you and your sweet family!
    Always, Roxy

  12. No snow here, only been on one snow holiday in my life way back when this I say because I cannot remember the year of that holiday.

  13. If there was a video here it didn't show up on my computer..but I imagine you had a fabulous time and enjoyed that moment of youthful excitement over what most folks would call a great nuisance...they just don't know how to have a good time! We just missed this storm. The air was cold, and we had windy conditions but only a few flakes here and there...that's OK by me. I have a similar reaction that Jordan does, only it's when I see sunshine! I run outside and just stand there to feel it's warmth! Now I want some hot cocoa! Have a good rest of this weekend!

  14. We should learn from kids and catch snowflakes with our tongue too. The Eastern States is getting socked. Glad you are missing the brunt of it


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