Sunday, October 02, 2016

Apple Picking Time

The apple on our tree  ripens at a glacial pace. Every few days we walk down into the field, stand under the apple and coax. Apparently, there is standard time, daylight savings time, and apple
ripening time.

This past week I knew they would be ready soon. Every few days I'll pick a few apples and toss them on the ground for deer, but I left the fat juicy ones for us to enjoy.

Our great nephew Jordan was here a few days ago and walked with us. I wanted an apple so I picked one for him and polished it on the leg of my pants. He has three loose teeth so he had to eat the apple with care but he put his blessing on them. "These taste good!"

Today, our great nephew Anthony spent the afternoon with Jordan and they came over to our yard to play.

When Jordan remembered the apples, they were off like a shot. I could see both kids jumping with all their might to pluck a low-hanging apple, but neither of the boys is tall enough.

I was watching from the deck, so I stepped down a pulled a limb low enough for them to pick an apple.

Anthony has to have his peeled, so I pulled the pocket knife from my pocket and skinned the apple for him and he ate it to the core.

This is one of the reasons I love October.


  1. Just in time to put on a few pounds and make it through the long Winter!

  2. Such a precious memory, For you, and for them.

  3. Anonymous9:45 PM

    I love apples, sweet or tart, as long as they're crisp!!

  4. I love green apples with salt! Basically I love APPLES. What I cannot fathom is a boy without a pocket knife. I do know it is the world today, but as a boy I would have felt naked without a pocket knife. Mine for years was the cheap 'Camp King', but I kept the blade sharp.

  5. I don't have an apple tree here to pick my own the way you do, but I must get out to our local orchard soon. My mouth is watering at the thought after reading your post this morning. Apple picking time is definitely one of Octobers best gifts.

  6. The wonderful thing about apples is their versatility. Raw or cooked they are tasty. Raw or cooking they give off a pleasant aroma. And they are pretty too.

  7. I wish I had an apple tree. I eat an apple every day.

  8. Who doesn't like a good apple, I would love an apple tree

  9. The picture tells it all. Such a sweet time with the kids.

  10. Don't you know a watched apple never boils? How sweet that the boys like the apples. They will always remember you and Jilda with joy.


  11. I can smell the apple pies baking in the oven.


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