Saturday, October 15, 2016

Quirk Dog

When we first took Hook to the vet to get him evaluated before we decided to adopt him, I told the vet tech that I thought he was deaf. She said that was common in white bulldogs. I asked about the chances of getting someone to adopt him.

She smiled and said she would give it a try, but that an older dog with heartworms and deaf would be
a very hard sell. When I looked down at Hook, he was looking first at me, and then the vet tech. He seemed to understand the weight of the conversation, so he sat down and seemed to look deeply into my eyes. I stood there for a long while before telling her to treat him for the infections, mites, and red mange. The vet tech smiled, and said, "Quirk dogs are often the best ones."

People ask how we manage a deaf dog. The truth is, it's not that hard. He can't hear, but he's got great eyesight and sense of smell. He responds to hand signals. When he sees me motion for him, he comes running. Caillou the show dog can hear perfectly but I can call him until I'm hoarse and he only comes when he's good and ready. Taz the other show dog ignores me totally but she does come when Jilda calls her. So in the scheme of things Ol' Hook's hearing issue is not that big of a deal.

We've spent most of the day on the road going to the gig in South Alabama and then driving  back afterward. A neighbor passed away so we drove to the funeral home for visitation. Darkness had set in before we returned home.

Realizing that I hadn't closed the gate to the chicken pen and turned on the electric fence (to keep critters out),  I grabbed the flashlight to do that final chore.

Ol' Hook makes every step I make so when I headed off the deck, he was right there beside me. I flipped on the flashlight and waved the beam around to get my bearings.  Hook started running around the backyard and barking. It took me a moment to realize that he was chasing the flashlight beam.

I swished the beam close by and he lunged at it barking. I waved it around the backyard and he chased it from one end to the other. I tried to video it but I was laughing too hard. I thought, that Vet Tech knew what she was talking about when she said that Quirk Dogs are sometimes the best.


  1. Hook has found a great home with you & Jilda!

  2. I always say you only get one great dog in your life...lots of good ones, but just one great one. Hook just may be your one great dog.

  3. Quirk dogs (and cats) ARE the best.

  4. A moving post. Rick, as a mammal who is going deaf --along with tinnitus, which I hope Hook does not suffer-- I must compliment your vet's candor and your own kindness. I haven't yet chased flashlight beams but, if and when I do, I hope Norma doesn't have me put down. I shall, by your example, devote the remains of my senses to the preservation of the Quirky.

  5. We have two dogs and a cat one dog I adopted 6 years ago a small 15lb he dog and a large frown color one that showed up on our property she is 5 and weighs 75 lbs. We love our dogs and they love us. Hook maybe the best.

  6. Sounds like you made a wise choice by adopting that dog. What a loyal companion you have there !

  7. Im glad you and hook have became friends. There was a reason he showed up at your door. Loved this story. It made me smile.

  8. Anonymous11:13 AM

    You & Hook both found keepers!!

  9. This is a real "happily ever after"!

  10. He is a lucky dog to have found you both

  11. A story with a happy ending is one I love to hear.

  12. One of our Granddogs is Janie a white bulldog. She is deaf but loves us to death. She is getting old but loves to bounce up the steps in the motor home. She is coming to grandma's for a visit tomorrow. I always slip her a can of potted meat.(She likes me best when I do!) Never heard the term Quirk dog.


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