Thursday, October 06, 2016

New assignment ~ The Fishing News

I had a meeting with the local newspaper publisher earlier this week. The publisher has only been on the job a few months, but I can already see improvement in the publication.  

One of his missions is to fill the paper with local content. This objective is not easy because the old publisher didn't backfill when reporters moved on. This decision left the news staff thin and overworked. But as I said, things are changing. There are more pictures, more local stories, and features.

With technology today, many readers see the headlines on Facebook and their smartphones long before they see it in newsprint. By the time the paper hits their porch, the news is stale to many readers. 

The obvious answer is to do local content because you rarely see that on your phone. When hometown papers do national stories, they should involve local politicians, community leaders, and citizens to get the local slant on how the national news affects them. It's an old concept that has worked through the years for smaller publications and weekly papers.

My friend Dale Short was a master at this. When we worked together early in the 1970s – but I digress.

In my meeting with the publisher, I mentioned an idea for a story about all the old guys that gather at the forks of the river each afternoon and discuss the fishing news with anglers who return from sloughs and shallows in the river.

The paper has a young woman who writes news from this area, and I told the publisher I would work with her to do introductions. The young newsman said I have a better idea, "Why don't you do it? And let's do it for the magazine." 

As I walked out, I realized I was glad he asked me to do it. The place is close to where I live and the guys there are friends of mine. Who else could do a better job at reporting the fishing news? 

Fishing News


  1. That sounds like a win. Mind you in a beautiful spot like that my mind wouldn't be on work...

  2. Anonymous11:45 PM

    That could be the ideal job for you!!

  3. Sounds like a great job. You'll have to go to one of your favorite places in order to get the news to report it.

  4. You will be able to report on the personalities of your fishing friends better than someone who doesn't know them. It would take the reporter you originally suggested a while to get to know the men. Congratulations on a new assignment.

  5. Good on you. What a great hand in glove fit. Sounds great and for sure news papers need to find more 'relevant stuff' because they are hurting staying in the old 'tracks' (ruts seemed too mean LOL).
    Great post and congratulations. I know the fishermen will be VERY happy sharing with thousands rather than the few.

  6. I think this is great and your a good pick for the assignment. Have fun with this. Im sure you will get some good fish stories.

  7. If that's the fishing hole-beautiful! You are right about the national news. I think it makes more sense to highlight some major events like this current hurricane but better to talk about the place you live in and the surrounding area. Glad you talked about that possible story and now you have it. great news

  8. Local content is the way to keep print journalism alive. That was my job at the three newspapers where I worked.


  9. How good is this? An assignment just made for you.


  10. How good is this? An assignment just made for you.



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