Sunday, October 16, 2016

Reminiscing about Wyoming

Three years ago our friend Wes invited us to join them in Jackson, Wyoming. We flew out of Birmingham just after breakfast that morning changing planes in Salt Lake City. That leg of the flight is beautiful from the sky.

When we arrived early afternoon in Jackson, the sky was topaz blue with downy clouds. The air was crisp, but the temps were mild, and I feared I'd overpacked by taking my cold-weather coat.

After a short nap, we accompanied our host on a tour of the area. We must have driven a hundred miles round trip. We snapped pictures of mountains, lakes, and aspen trees. Every direction when viewed through the camera lens looked like a postcard.

We thought we'd be wading through snow, but the weather was Alabama-like. The next day we did
more sightseeing and I almost filled the storage on my phone with pictures.

The next morning when I rolled out of bed to fetch coffee, I glanced out the north facing window and snow was blowing sideways. Before we went outside, there was almost a foot on the ground.

It was then that I was thankful for the LL Bean jacket that Jilda had bought me for winter. It's rarely cold enough in Alabama to wear it, but I can tell you it felt good in Jackson Hole. 

While we were there, we went to Utah, Idaho, and Montana. The last day while driving through Yellowstone the roads were treacherous which stressed us all. 

We spent Halloween there and flew home the next day. Jilda had a raging sinus infection and didn't feel well, but as always she is a trooper.

This evening here in Empire, the temps were in the upper 80s. There was a hint of rain this morning. I stepped out on the deck, looked up at the sky, and opened my mouth to allow a few precious drops to fall on my tongue. The clouds dissipated, but the weatherman says we have an excellent chance on Thursday. We've got all our appendages crossed.


  1. I'm so far behind in visiting blogs but I truly hate to you miss yours because I feel like I'm talking to a friend when you write. I loved your post on quirk dogs because we also have one and he's the greatest. We loved Jackson when we visited years ago. I would love to return..perhaps one day. The weather here has been cool and then this weekend it's slowly creeped up into the high 70's with rain today. I'll take every nice day as I realize we could be like Wyoming...snow at any time since we did have a low of 32 on Friday! Have a good week!

  2. It's great country up there isn't it?


  3. Anonymous7:54 PM

    It sounds great!!

  4. WE could use some rain too, but not that foot of Wyoming snow.

  5. I have ridden through Wyoming a couple of times but never stopped. What I saw was beautiful.

  6. I agree with Yaya. The read is always enjoyable and I love how you can jar out a memory or two. I liked the elkhorn arches downtown Jackson, to me they were amazing. It is always good to visit friends.

  7. It sounds an absolutely blissful few days. Thank you.

  8. Strange and wonderful at the same time we are to have a few 80 degree days here. It's very unusual for us this time of year. I'll just try to enjoy it! Hope you get your promised rain this week. Hope you have a great start to this new week. Happy Monday!

  9. You describe your surroundings so well its making me feel like im there. Now wheres my blanket?


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