Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Surviving humpday

I spent several hours on the screen porch today tapping keys. My column for Sunday is due today and when I have a decent idea, the session is fairly painless. That was not the case today.
Everything I wrote seemed trite. I wrote, re-wrote, tossed and repeated a half dozen times, before I shut the laptop and went for a walk. Most time, a walk frees up my mind and gets the juices flowing. Again, that was not the case today. 

When Jilda got home we headed to town for feed and seed. I also shopped a Columbus Day sale and scored a few dress shirts for this fall and winter.

Once home, I took a nice nap and took the laptop back to the porch with the attitude that I'd sit there till morning if I had to. 

I started writing about the things I enjoy about October and it flowed. I won't win a Pulitzer, but I'm happy to call it complete.

We have a gig this weekend for an arts alliance south of here and we're excited. It's a chance to play for a new group of folks. We're cranked. 

Humpday is behind us, and this week is downhill from here. Y'all hold on.


  1. October, one of the top 12 months of the year.

  2. Enjoy the ride to your weekend.

  3. A good walk and stepping away for a while does help get those creative juices flowing. That's a great picture of Jilda. I love the hat !

  4. Ah, what a great picture of a beautiful lady. Looks like a lady about to hit the road for months of touring! SWEET!

  5. Sometimes the most mundane things make the best reading. You may be too tough on yourself.

    1. Anonymous1:15 PM

      You write about a lot of mundane things, but you make them warm & comfy!!

  6. October is a lovely month. Good choice for a topic.
    I like the photo of Jilda, nice composition (and of course she's so photogenic).

  7. October is a great beautiful and fresh smelling to me. Love the picture of your pretty. Glad you got your column done.

  8. Just look at how cute Jilda is!
    Glad you got you writer fluid flowing.


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