Sunday, October 09, 2016

Second blooming

Much of the yard and garden are parched. But we've watered the citrus trees and plants we bring inside in winter so the deck looks like an oasis.

Back in the spring, we bought a new pink and white bougainvillea and it was stunning. I took pictures then and they got a lot of traction on Facebook and Instagram.

They were in color for a few months, but like many spring flowers the blooms faded but the flower flourished and got bigger.

I went out last week and I could see blooms forming on the foliage. This morning when I went out to do yoga on the deck, the morning sun peeked through some branches on the east side of the house and spotlighted the bougainvillea blossom so I snapped a picture.

This has been a fun weekend for us. I hope yours was enjoyable too.


  1. All that rain down south and none for you guys? Not fair! We've been dry too but it's been cool. My flowers sill look pretty good but with temps in the 30's tonight and the heat on I'm guessing it won't be that way for long! Have a good day tomorrow and enjoy your beautiful blooms a bit longer!

  2. Love the bouganvillea.
    We have had more rain this Spring than we have hed in years. Some areas too much.
    I so much prefer rain to drought.

  3. The blossom is beautiful. Blossoms show up when you need it!

  4. What a beautiful blossom and nice to see for our Thanksgiving weekend. I'm glad you had a nice weekend and so did we. My hubby made a really nice turkey and we had friends over.

  5. We got some rain , not enough, but a start.

  6. What a beautiful flower. Glad you had a fun weekend. Makes Monday's much easier to take.

  7. We had weekend rain and Monday Morning its clear and beautiful but cold!!! 42 degrees is a big difference after having temps in the 80s!

  8. Bougainvillea blooming twice! It is beautiful.

  9. I love the colors in the bougainvillea.

  10. The weather down here in south Alabama has been nice. We still have green grass but it’s getting dry. Your bougainvillea is so pretty.


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