Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Sunday morning as Jilda and I made our first lap around the barn on our daily walk, she pulled up short. 

She automatically thrust her arm out as if to restrain a child standing beside her in her in the seat of her car.

It's unlikely she would do that in real life because her car doesn't crank unless everyone is buckled in...but bear with me.

I stopped in my tracks and instinctively looked on the ground for  rusty nails, saw briers, or a pit viper. When I saw nothing I looked up and followed her gaze. It was a spider that looked as big as a bat dangling in the center of an intricate web.

Pulling the phone from my pocket, I snapped several pictures trying to capture the image. But the light was wrong and backlighting from the morning sun was non-existent. I shot several pictures anyhow before giving the spider a wide berth.

Had I been walking alone, I would have gotten a face full of a dreadful Arachnid, and I would have spent the remainder of the day slapping imaginary creatures crawling up the back of my neck and onto my head.

Normally, the weather is cooler when they start building in paths trying to trap moths, wasps, and other small flying insects but apparently they build when the angle of light alerts them that it's autumn.

NOTE TO SELF: Be very mindful over the coming weeks so that a spider as big as Rhode Island doesn't jump on my head and suck out what little remaining brains I have left.


  1. Hmmmm....sounds perfect for my haunted cememtery....thanks for the idea!

  2. So last week I talked about movie monsters and one film I chose was Tarantula from the 1950's because it so freaked me out big time. I almost walked twice into a web and totally freaked out. Yucky

  3. I am fascinated by spiders. Superb architects, skilled hunters and often very beautiful. I really don't like them scampering over my body though.

  4. You described me when I go through a web. I turn all ninja on the air.
    I see the web in this photo and the bat spider!
    Thanks. A photo or post like this is all it takes for me for feel creepy crawly things on me all day.

  5. Absolutely amazing creatures...I hate them!

  6. She has saved your life yet again.

  7. They serve a place in the environment, but they need to steer clear of me if they don't want to get squished.

  8. Aieeeeeeeee!


  9. I have caught a face full of web. Fortunately no spiders.

  10. I do not like spiders, I do not freak out when I see a spider like my daughters do but still don't like them and spider webs suck get one caught in your hair is rotten, just saying


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