Friday, October 14, 2016

Kids love parades

Today is Homecoming at our local high school. Our great-nephew Jordan called last night to see if we'd check him out of school and take him to see the parade.

I do the alumni website for the school, but thousands of people line the parade route and watching the parade and taking pictures takes a lot of effort. Jilda had just as soon stay home. But Jordan would not get to see the parade if we didn't take him because all of his folks work.

Last night when he called to ask, Jilda told him she'd love to take him. This year, they took a different approach. She called her sister Pat who lives near City Hall where the parade starts and all her grandkids watch the parade there. When Jilda called to see if it would be ok for Jordan to join them she said, "Of course."

That made the ordeal a lot better because they would play in the yard, eat pizza, drink juice and blow bubbles until the parade went by and then they could go inside a cool off.

The kids had a blast and it wasn't nearly as grueling for Jilda.

I, on the other hand, walked about two miles down the parade route taking pictures of the crowd and when the parade went by I got pictures of that too.

Tonight, I'll run down to the game and take pictures of the Homecoming Queen, but I won't be watching the entire game tonight. I'm not sure my knees could take it.


  1. Take care of your knees! Sounds like a fun time! Happy it worked out well for Jilda!

  2. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I'm an 82 year old kid & I STILL love parades!!

  3. A cultural difference here. Parades aren't big in Oz. And a Homecoming Queen is an alien concept.
    I am glad that you all found a way to enjoy it - and yes, look after those knees.

  4. Jilda be very smart. YOu be careful! Y'all do have fun though! I like it. I wish I had attend a school long enough to be interested in their home coming!

  5. Gotta love a parade.

  6. Parades are so much fun. Glad Jordan got to go!

  7. I love everything about Homecoming. Especially when the home team wins.

  8. Parades are always fun to watch. Hope we get to see some your knees:)

  9. Ive always loved the parade. Hope the knee feels better.


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