Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Breaking ground

The town in which I was born is a small community across the river from the county seat. We've struggled with an image problem for years because it seems most of the news that comes from here is bad news – drug overdoses, suspicious fires, arrests, and other things that do not help the image of what is a good place to live.

Many years ago, the city had some unused and undeveloped property close to the city. The council got together and built a golf course. I know what you're thinking. A small rural town builds a golf course. It can't be that good. But planners managed to get a golf course designer involved who did an amazing job with the creeks, ponds, hills, and hollows. 

The city spent all the money on the golf course, leaving almost nothing for a clubhouse. They did the only thing they could think of, and that was to put doublewide trailers. They would have to do until they could do better.

The main complaint of golfers who visit the incredible golf course but the trailer clubhouse and snack bar took away from the experience.

The city elected a new mayor four years ago, and one of his campaign promises was building a beautiful clubhouse for the golf course. That sounds easy enough, but apparently, not everyone was as enthused as the new mayor about spending money on a new clubhouse.

The new mayor was tenacious, putting bids, making plans and following through on his promise. 

He decided to run for re-election in August and took the high road. He ran on his record. Apparently, voters rallied behind him because he won the seat without a runoff for four more years.

Last night I got a text from him asking if I could come to the golf course at 12:30 p.m. He wanted me to take a picture of the groundbreaking ceremony for the new clubhouse. I was all too happy to oblige.


  1. You've done a good job; powerful shot!
    The mayors like any politicians put the money in photogenic things which can bring them pictures and voters. Nothing new under the sun.

  2. I hope they're able to build a club house with facilities such as restaurant and perhaps bar that would defer the expense and maybe even bring in additional revenue. In addition, if the golfers want a fancy clubhouse they should contribute with slightly higher greens fees. GOlf is a great game and it often takes government to provide affordable facilities for the average player. Sad to say the game seems to be losing favor especially with younger people used to instant play-station gratification type games.

  3. Great smiles all around.

  4. An interesting perspective to your photo.

  5. One of our Docs bought the golf course in town and put in a restaurant with outdoor seating and bands play during the summer at night and it's a happening place! Hope yours can be one too! Good for the mayor and the folks to make their town better.

  6. The picture captures the action so well. Best wishes for the town.

  7. You must be an important person in your town.


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