Sunday, October 23, 2016

Autumn pleasure

I looked longingly at this picture I took in October of 2013. It was the first cool snap of the year and I'd built a fire in our new firepit.

Jilda invited our great nephew Jordan and his mom over to do some S'Mores over the open flame. We toasted marshmallows and slapped them between slabs of chocolate and graham crackers.

It took me a while to pick the sticky remains off my beard, but as I've often said, "Fun ain't cheap."

We haven't had a fire this year. 90 percent of the state is under a burn ban. The governor was on the news detailing the dangers of the situation. So we have our firepit loaded with dry hickory and applewood, and we're patiently awaiting a soaking rain that will quench the thirsty earth and allow us this simple autumn pleasure.


  1. We've had a nice week of rain last week and I'm praying for dry this coming weekend for our party. I'll be glad to send it your way! I hope you get some nice Autumn fire time soon!

  2. Yep, it will come, the rain that is. Love the picture and how you guys enjoy life. I love it.

  3. Love a warm controlled fire

  4. We've finally had a couple days rain here in California after years of drought, but this is something we've made huge adjustments to over the past decade of declining rainfall. I'm dismayed to learn Alabama is suffering now --that's almost unheard of in living memory-- and welcome news that Gov. Bentley has imposed a burn ban. Nobody needs the kind of wildfires we've had here.

  5. I do love s'mores and open fires on a cool evening. Some of the best times I can remember were around a campfire. Hope you do get your good soaking rain soon.

  6. This made me think of my sister she loves to sit around a fire during the evenings usually in the in between seasons so its not to hot or to cold

  7. I love the smell of an outdoor fire.

  8. I just read that scientists think we are about to enter a new little ice age. Maybe we should enjoy the warm weather while we have it.

  9. Smores sound perfect! I would love to sit around a fire pit. Trying to get the hubby to buy or make me one. Its just hard to sit outside and enjoy it with the neighbors dog constantly barking! Hope yall get some rai. Soon.


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