Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Grooming day

There's a new pet grooming service in town so I took Caillou down there this morning. She's fairly new at it and when I asked about how long it would take she said it would take about an hour.

I glanced down at the beast on my floor who is now pushing 90 pounds and smiled knowingly. I dropped him off and then went to McDonalds for a hot mocha. Picking up my order, I settled into a back booth, shoved my wireless headphones knuckle deep into my ear canals, punched on some soothing music and worked on my column for Sunday that's due today.

After that, I ran a couple more errands to kill some time. After about an hour and twenty minutes, I drove back to the grooming shop. She was sitting on the floor with a blow dryer, trying to dry about him. He wasn't happy and I could tell she'd punted way past her coverage, to use and old coaching metaphor.

I sat on the floor and held Caillou still while she worked for another 30 minutes.  When she clicked off the dryer, Caillou almost dragged me to the front of the store heading for the door. When I settled up she said the charge would be what she quoted over the phone. I gave her a $10 tip and I thought she was going to hug my neck.

When I opened the door to the cab, Caillou almost knocked me down getting in the front seat. He's been my friend all day long.


  1. Caillou looks beautiful! Our groomer has a deshedding thing that really gets the hair out! Hey, I think I just heard Timmy calling for Lassie!

  2. We did all of our dog's grooming ouselves. And it took a long, long time. And bath day involved us getting soaked too.
    Caillou does indeed look beautiful, and of course he was your friend. You saved him from the evil dryer.

  3. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Such a handsome creature!!

  4. Great story,I smiled. He does look good. One of my favorite dogs since seeing Lassie!
    Some jobs are tough, some even akin to herding cats! LOL

  5. That is funny because it reminds me of my Katie girl. I would drop her off and her face looked at me saying....."what are your doing?" When I picked her up, she also dragged me to the door and couldn't wait to get into the car. She would proceed to lick and lick me.

  6. She hasn't figured out yet that her torture was your idea not the groomer's.

  7. Beautiful pooch! I always marveled that Timmy once asked Lassie to go fetch a "C" clamp...Hell, lots of people don't know what a "C" clamp is.

  8. You do have a beautiful dog.

  9. Hes has a beautiful coat. and I didnt know McDonalds had mocha!!!!

  10. He is such a gorgeous fellow. Franklin goes to the groomer as if he's headed for the execution chamber. Penelope trembles but doesn't have to be dragged in. The late smooth collie/Malinois Harper went insane over a visit to the groomer. Once he got away from me in the parking lot. The groomer came out to help me catch him. At one point he headed for a busy street but turned around when a driver honked at him. We finally grabbed him and took him inside, where he proceeded to poop like a horse. I gave the groomer a $40 tip and never went back.


  11. Caillou is such a beautiful dog. God knew that you & Jilda would be the perfect home for Caillou!

  12. Awww, bless his heart! That was nice for you to give a tip!


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