Friday, October 07, 2016

Smoke gets in our eyes

Mother Nature can be a cruel heifer.  It's the east coast is practically under water, and we haven't had rain here in over a month with none in the forecast for at least the next ten days. 

On Wednesday, a brush fire fanned by a westerly wind quickly escalated into a full-blown forest fire. Soon the volunteer fire department had two tanker trucks and a crew of firefighters on the scene to ensure the fire didn't destroy any houses.

Soon the sound of a whining engine overhead and when I looked up through the cloud of smoke, I saw the state forestry department plane buzzing high overhead. A few minutes later I heard that the forestry firefighting team was in route. One team from nearby and another from Tuscaloosa.

These guys know their stuff because not long after they arrived, you could tell they were making progress. They cut swaths of firebreaks through the hills and hollows. If the wind is kind, they can contain a good sized fire here in a few hours which was the case with the fire on the property behind our barn. 

Yesterday, the wind from the hurricane whipped a small fire into large tracks of brush and timber located about five miles north of us across the river. I'm sure the firefighters worked all night, but this morning the smoke as thick as gauze hung low in the valleys making it hard for Jilda to breathe.
Usually, I don't work on Fridays, but my boss has been out of town for three weeks, and he had an hour on his calendar this morning, so I took it.

On the way in, I saw a photo op before I crossed the river, so I pulled to the side and snapped a few frames. 

When I went out this evening and looked to the north, it looks as if the firefighters have made some progress today. There's no telling how many hours straight they have worked. I can say this, I'm betting we don't pay these guys enough.


  1. We get fires (which we call bushfires) every year. And no, the firefighters (who are often volunteers) don't get nearly enough recognition.
    I hope you are safe.

  2. Our firefighters are to be applauded for sure. Sure hope you all get some much need rain soon. The autumn leaves do look like they are aglow!

  3. Hi there young fella, I know how hard smoke from forest fires are on healthy lungs and it must be awful on compromised lungs. I sure hope you guys get some rain soon.

    I agree those firefighters are not paid enough. They are some of The Unsung Heros. Now there's a song for you... Maybe it's all that foolish political hog wash that's going on that's making Mother Nature so angry.

    Wishing you some life giving rain soon and safety from fires.

  4. Very good comment on the dedication of the fire fighters. They deserve the accolades.

    I love how the sun sets a scene on fire (to the eye), this was a well caught moment!

  5. Applause to the hard working and dedicated firemen. Glad the damage was put inder control quickly.
    I sitting here listening to the hard heavy rain produced by the hurricane.

  6. It sounds close to you...any concerns??? I hope all is aok. I agree that the firefighters are not paid enough. They risk not only their life but health concerns when battling a fire. I hope you will be aok with the hurricane as well.

  7. I have an ex-brother-in-law, a fireman who fought these fires in Florida, I'm sure he didn't get paid very much, he may have volunteered for free.

  8. Anonymous1:52 PM

    There's no way we could ever pay these heroes enough!!

  9. I was sure they would have the fire out by now. I am keeping positive thoughts for you.

  10. Firefighters work very hard! They are heroes everyday! I really hope you get rain soon! Gorgeous photo!

  11. Nice post! Firefighters are real-life heroes. You're right, I'm sure they don't get paid enough.


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