Thursday, October 27, 2016

Piece of heaven

The governor visited the college today and you would not believe the stir it caused. The place was crawling with bigwigs, littlewigs, and more clicking cameras than you could shake a stick at. On top of all that, I was slammed trying to help my new boss navigate some reports that are due Monday. 

By the time I pulled into the driveway this evening, I almost rolled out of my truck. After taking my laptop inside, I poured a glassful of cold water and went outside to watch the ending of the day. My blood pressure and stress level dropped like a stone.

When Jilda got home, she told me the tax assessors came by to have a look at our property to ensure we haven't build swimming pools, greenhouses or other high-dollar improvements that would raise the value enough to add to our tax bill. 

Jilda said she walked around the place and said, "Y'all have a little piece of heaven right here." She went on to say that she had not expected to find such a place out in the middle of nowhere. I smiled when I heard this. 

I'm hoping they can't levy a higher tax on a little piece of heaven:)


  1. You basically stole my comment with your last line.

  2. Hooray for the health benefits from your slice of heaven. And if our government could find a way to tax it they would....

  3. I'd agree you do have a piece of heaven there. So nice that you have a place to come home and relax. I don't think they can put a price on that !

  4. Oh yes, if they can find a way to tax your piece of heaven higher, of course they would. However Imma thinking the tax assessor is just wishing 'this piece of solititude' was hers. YOu do have an enviable set up. My dream home was the 'A frame' and strangely never built one. Of course, it is not the architecture, but the area and occupants. Good on you both!

  5. If churches are tax exempt, I'm betting heaven is too! So enjoy!

  6. Anonymous12:13 PM

    I feel like I know your place from your writing & I agree!!

  7. It must make you both feel good to know someone appreciates your piece of heaven like you do.

  8. Once we had a tax assessor out our way and I asked him if his mama knew what he did for a living. I think my humor eluded him.

  9. My version of Heaven comes without taxes.

  10. I would buy some land near you and build a house next to yours.

  11. Alabama has a governor? Ours is named Skeletor.



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