Thursday, August 31, 2017

Listening to the rain

Each time it rains it reminds me of my childhood. The old house I grew up in had a tin roof too. The only difference is that the old house in Sloss had little insulation. When a hard rain fell, the quality of sound was more like tearing paper, if that makes sense. 

In our house now, the rain is audible, but the quality of the sound is muffled as the waves travel through layers of thick fiberglass. It still brings a seminal peace over me when I hear that drone. When thunderstorms are involved, there's not so much peace. 

Thankfully, we've dodged all the severe stuff so far. 

The sun took the day off here today which made the light uninteresting. I saw a few possible pictures, but none spoke to me. Instead, I looked back at a year ago this week and found a butterfly picture. I think it will do tonight. Now excuse me, I'm going to the screen porch and listen to the rain.


  1. Enjoy the rain. I love the sound - and the scent.
    I am fond of flutterbyes too.

  2. When I go fly fishing in early June in Md. at one stream we always see swarms of those blue butterflies. My fav's.

  3. I'm blessed with a metal roof here on my sunporch and I do love to listen to the rain. Also love butterflies. Each one is so beautiful and unique. Time spent on the porch is never wasted.

  4. This motor home roof isn't a good metal sound as in my childhood, but I can still hear the rain, BUT the sound IS NOT THE SAME. There is something special about rain on a tin roof!

  5. The sound of rain on a metal roof is one of the reasons I love rain so much.

  6. I love the sound of rain and a good thunderstorm. I hope you enjoyed it. Is this a real butterfly you saw? How absolutely stunning!!

  7. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Rain & butterflies are two of my favorite things!!

  8. When I was in Key West recently a blue butterfly like the one in your picture landed on my cheek. I've never seen a blue butterfly in Oregon.


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