Sunday, September 30, 2018

Apple time

The August-September heatwave had its way with our crop of apples this year, but a few have survived. They are a few weeks away from being at peak picking time.

Jordan has grown impatient. Throughout the summer when he came to walk with us, he would stand under the tree and look at the fruit longingly. "When will they be ready?" He knows the answer, but he is anxious to have one that he picked himself. He thinks that apples taste better when you pick them yourself. I tend to agree.

He came over yesterday and picked a few low-hanging apples. One of the ones he chose was almost as big as a softball.

I like shining them on my pantsleg and eating them in the field. He prefers them peeled. His mom enjoys coming over and sitting on our back deck to catch up with everything that's going on with us, but he wasn't having any of that. He wanted to go home and eat apples.

Even though they are fewer this year, they are scrumptious.  The deer agree. Each morning, we'll see a few down there checking the ground for apples that have fallen.

I haven't been able to get a picture of one this year, but I looked through my archives and found two under the tree that I'd taken a few years ago. I think it will get my point across.


  1. I remember fall and apples and apple cider, somehow we now have apples all year long, I don't know how, but we are spoiled. They probably do taste best right off the tree.

  2. Anonymous12:53 AM

    There is nothing like a freshly picked apple!!

  3. Fruit DOES taste best right off the tree. I don't peel apples though. I eat the cores as well.

  4. I agree ! Fresh apples do taste good ! I'm sure those deer appreciate them too!

  5. Oh boy! I agree with the pant leg shine on and apple. Seeing deer under an apple tree is one of my favorites, I still can see a deer standing on her hind legs to reach a apple while hiking the AT. Great picture.

  6. Jordan and I would get along just fine. I like apples but I like to peel the apple and nibble on the peels.

  7. Yes I reckon a freshly picked apple would taste just a tad nicer then those bought at the supermarket

  8. I love fresh picked apples. Its about time to head to the mountains for some really good ones.

  9. Apples taste so good right from the tree with the sun giving them the right amount of warmth that makes them taste even sweeter. I love this picture...magical!


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