Sunday, September 09, 2018


Jilda and I attended the funeral of our neighbor that died last week. His remains were cremated, and his daughter wanted the service on Saturday.

It was a graveside service with a handful of people. Once you reach his age, many of your family and friends have gone before you.

My GPS sent us in the wrong direction, and I worried that we would not get there on time, but we rolled in with five minutes to spare. His daughter and her husband saved us a place next to them. I thought it would be hot by 10 a.m., but lazy white clouds kept the sun at bay, and gentle breeze out of the west fluttered the canopy on the tent. 

Before the service began, a beautiful German Shephard wandered through the cemetery and sat down next to where the preacher was standing. He reached down and scratched the dogs head. "Who does this guy belong to?" the preacher asked. Everyone looked at each other questioningly. "I can only guess that he's here for Harold's funeral." 

The dog made its way around the grave and sat down beside Jilda. Dogs can spot canine lovers from a mile away.

I wanted to pull the phone from my pocket and snap a picture of the dog, but I didn't want to be disrespectful.

The dog sat respectfully as the preacher said a few words. He ended the service by saying I know that Harold would be happy that this boy came to his funeral. 

I couldn't agree more.


  1. That is so touching. A nice funeral indeed.

  2. I do think dogs often just sense when someone needs comforting, they are very sensitive to feelings.

  3. Very good tribute my friend. I smiled reading about the dog showing up. You cannot beat that!

  4. Not only Harold but those who cared about him were happy to see the Shepherd. A moving post. Thank you.

  5. Rest in peace.
    May God bless him. amen

  6. One can only wonder where that dog came from...perhaps an angel in disguise. At any rate, he was a welcome bit of cheer on a otherwise gloomy day.

  7. Perhaps, he knew something we don't.

  8. What as sweet thing on such a sad day. They say animal can sense saddness so maybe he wanted to be the comfort. God only knows.

    There was a funeral for my neighbor on Saturday as well. He was only 18.

  9. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Such a touching post & a wonderful dog!!

  10. This is just sweet and maybe the dog was sent by Harold to give comfort to t(e people he loved


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