Wednesday, September 26, 2018


This is post number 4724. I was looking at something in my blog setup and clicked on posts. When I saw this number it did not register at first. A couple hundred shy of 5000 posts. 
No wonder I get out of ideas every now and then.

My first post was on December 2, 2005. Since starting, I've missed very few days posting. Most of these misses were due to storms. After the 2011 tornados, we were without power for over a week. Even that didn't stop me. When they cleared the roads, I drove 12 miles to McDonald's and used their free WiFi to post my blog.

Every now and then I think of quitting. I run out of things to say and think, "What's the point?" But then something will happen and I can't wait to share it on my blog. Or, I'll come across an incredible scene and capture it with my camera. 

I think that the discipline of writing every day has helped me find my voice. I know I've said this before, but I think it should be repeated. If you want to get better at anything, it takes repetition...practice.

Here's a picture I shot a few years ago. I'm not sure if I posted it or not, but it's rained all day today and the light muted the colors around here. So this picture is what I chose to brighten up my blog.


  1. Hi Rick!
    Just wanted to say thank you for your daily posts. I have lurked around your blog several years now and enjoy reading all you share. You got me hooked on Jilda's blog as well! I live in the beautiful California desert so reading about life in Alabama and seeing all your wonderful pictures is a real treat. I love the desert but am also a lover of anyplace beautiful. And Alabama is breathtakingly beautiful. I must also say that both yours and Jilda's blogs make me feel better after reading them. Positivity and celebrating joy put a smile on my face. :) Even when you only post a picture. Thanks! Take care,
    Patricia Manter

  2. Shucks, when you don;t have anything to say, you say something interesting. And you always produce a well set up picture!

  3. I've thought of quitting several times as well. Quitting smoking was easier.

  4. There are those moments when writing the blog becomes a chore. I find that taking a vacation from it every so often helps. I write about such mundane things that it is not always easy to keep things interesting. As you said practice does push toward perfection.

  5. I hope you never stop blogging. I would miss you so much.


  6. Well I hope you never just Stop! I have followed bloggers that post every day then all of a sudden just stop. Makes me wonder what happend to them and it frankly, it bothers me. I love reading your post each day even though I do not always comment. Im almost at 1000 post but I had a slow start. Ive just recently tried to do at least 3 post a week.

  7. I am so very glad you keep going.

  8. So glad you continue to write and post great pics like the one above. The lushness of the field after a rain partnered with the blueness of the sky creates a beautiful painting

  9. It is a very bright and cheerful picture ! Like you have been blogging a long time and I know I've repeated what I've blogged about more than one time, yet every day is a new adventure and even though it might be the same topic, there is almost always a different twist to it. Living where you do and doing what you do, I'd think there would always be something new for you to write about too, maybe the same, but still different. It's a habit worth pursuing.

  10. You have tenacity. Somehow, blogging has lost it's lustre for me. I no longer long to share with the world what I do everyday. Like you said, blogging has made me find my voice and I was amazed that people cared enough to read my blog every day but after a while I didn't feel compelled to take all that time to take photos to share. I did it mostly for my family who even though they rarely leave comments, still want to read my blog.

    When I wanted to take it down, My daughter insisted to leave it there as she loves to go read old posts. I guess, it's like an old book that they can relate to. I may return to it some day when things slows down for me. Who knows in what direction it will go.

    Hugs, Julia

  11. Anonymous11:43 AM

    And brighten it up you did!!

  12. This is an encouraging post, Rick. You have provided immeasurable joy, wisdom, humor, light, and life to the many who follow you. Reading the comments of other readers was powerful in itself. "Keep it comin'" (as B. B. King and Heavy D would say). And may you be surrounded by abundant shalom.


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