Thursday, September 27, 2018


I'm word weary tonight. I've been writing for most of the day. My column due and I started working on that but then I got an alert from the local college that they were under a lockdown because of an escaped felon.

As it turns out, the police had him back in custody within 30 minutes, but the editor wanted a piece written for the paper. My column went on the back burner while I called the police chief and got the scoop.

After that, I completed my column and then transcribed a feature story about a set of twins that were adopted shortly after birth. It took them 40 years, but they found their birth mother. I think the story will be a good one.

This evening, I had to cover a city council meeting. 

Jilda had dinner ready when I walked in the door. The rain kept me from getting a decent picture today, so I went back to the archives.

This is a restaurant on the river in Tuscaloosa. Great food with a great view. 


  1. Big day Rick. Sleep well.

  2. Sleep well indeed. And thank you for the photo.

  3. Quite a day you had ! Hopefully today is a better one! A good nights sleep should help!

  4. Your weariness is a good sign. You're busy being who you are...a writer, a story teller, a man with a mission. You can sleep well knowing you've done good this day. I read your previous post and I'm glad you've kept up the blog. It's enjoyed by many folks and I enjoy the photos too. This one fits with the looks dreamy. Have a good weekend ahead.

  5. I am weary just thinking about all you had to write and research. I know all articles are good ones.

  6. Anonymous1:31 PM

    There's only so much we can do before we need some sleep!!

  7. Well done all around. How many calories does writing burn....?


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