Thursday, September 13, 2018

Slow down when it rains

I had a city council meeting to cover tonight. As I was leaving a 6 p.m., I heard thunder in the distance. The sky was cloudy and it would have been too dark to walk had our security lights not been on.

No more than a mile from the house, rain began splattering on my windshield. Not enough to swish, but enough to see that I was headed into more.

A bit further and a gentle rain began to fall. The thing about "a little" rain around here is that it mixes with the grunge on the asphalt and turns the roads into a sheet of ice. Most people know that and slow down. But some people don't.

I came across one of the latter before I reached my destination. A woman was going to fast when the light changed to red. She slid through the intersection and hit a Walker County Sherriff. Talk about bad timing.

I sent the police chief a text and asked if anyone was badly hurt. He returned my text saying that everyone was OK.

I'm guessing no one will have to tell her in the future to slow down when it's raining.


  1. THat is having a bad day!

  2. Drive to the conditions is a lesson that too many learn the hard way. And some learn too late.

  3. Glad everyone was ok! Good advice for sure to slow down when it's raining.

  4. That's terrible. I hate it for both drivers. I'm glad no one was hurt but does make a bad day.

  5. We learned in physics class that it takes some time for the water in the rain and the buildup of oils on the road to mix. During the first 15 minutes of rain the road is the most slippery. After that you are riding on top of water and tire traction is greatly reduced. I hope you are right about her learning a lesson.

  6. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Hitting a Sheriff's car should teach her a lesson!!

  7. Some folks timing is amazing@! OUCH!!! Yep that will assist in a good education.

  8. She needed that wake up call and what a wake up call.


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