Friday, September 14, 2018

Nature's fruit

Walking around the barn a few days ago, I noticed that muscadines are ready to pick. These are wild grapes native to this area. There are wild green grapes as well but they are called scuppernongs. My grandmother called them muskydimes and skuppynines.  So naturally, that's what I've called them all my life.

Back when I was a kid, people used to make wine using these grapes. I'm sure they still do, but I don't see it as much now as when I was a kid.

I tried my hand at it as well when I was about ten. I think what I ended up with was grape juice because I drank a quart and didn't get a buzz. My friends told me that a couple of sips would make me loosy-goosy. So, I was disappointed.

Not a lot going on here in Empire. The heat index is a 102 right now. Earlier, I sat on the back steps for about 15 minutes to get my daily quota of vitamin D. By the time I stepped back inside, I was dripping sweat. I know the cooler weather will come here someday. 

Y'all have a great weekend.


  1. I am sending cool thoughts - it is POURING rain here along with great amounts of thunder. Rain so thick it is blurring the landscape. Weird. Haven't seen anything like this for a long time. Keeping an eye on the drains outside, so far nothing backing up.

  2. I think you have to be 16 to drink muskydime wine in Alabama.

  3. I used to make wine when I was a child too. We would squeeze grape juice into a glass of water and drink it. We thought we were hot stuff.

  4. I learned something new today...never heard of either of these fruits. Just plain old grapes in my world! It's been pretty humid here and the temps have gone up and down. Looks like cooler weather next week. I'll send some down to you!

  5. I’d love to try those grapes. My neighbours used to make homemade wine and I would have some when I was 12 or so but I never thought it was that good.

  6. Scuppernongs. What a fabulous word! I'm thinking a word more suited to describing a particular type of person and not grapes.

  7. I have read about these grapes but never come across them. Home made wine frequently packs an incredible punch.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. I saw grapes that looked much like yours at the farm market I went to this week. They do make good grape jelly. I need to remember to get my daily dose of sunshine too as soon there will be less and less of it. This morning it is around 70 degrees here but it will warm up to 85 they say. We are much cooler than you are. Yes it will get cooler for you too, but it won't be as cold as we will be winter comes.

  9. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Love your mom's names for those grapes!!

  10. Never heard of these grapes but I like the names you mum had for them


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