Sunday, September 16, 2018

Wind chimes

We have wind chimes on our back deck and on the screen porch. Some of them are cheap ones we've picked up at yard sales and discount stores. All of them appealed to us on some level.

But we also have a few that are exquisite. There is one set that has tubes that are almost four feet tall. When the wind blows through the cheaper wind chimes they tinkle, twist, and sparkle. But we have one set that is tuned which means when the wind blows through it, the sound is deep and melodic.

This picture is from 2011. Ol' Buddy was out back fussing about something and I stepped outside to check. The sun was setting in the west. Shafts of light found their way through the pines and lit up the wind chimes on the back deck.

Pulling the phone from my pocket, I snapped a few frames.


  1. Just lovely.
    We too have windchimes. If the wind is up the sound is a cacophony rather than a tune...

  2. This looks otherworldly!

  3. What a great picture! I can hear the music in the air!

  4. I love windchimes and some sound so soothing. I love this picture with the sun catching the blue on the windchime, it looks ethereal

  5. I was hanging chimes from the trees but the squirrels got them.

  6. Is that fairy land?? Oh so lovely.

  7. I have been meaning to get me a wind chime while I'm down at the beach. There is so many to choose from there. I want one of the big wooden ones with the deep "bong" sounds. I'm not a fan of the twinkling chimes.

  8. I like wind chimes but Tim finds them annoying so we don't have any


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