Saturday, September 08, 2018

Foothills Festival

Jilda and I went to the Foothills Festival this afternoon. The paper where I work was a sponsor and had a booth. I signed up to work the booth for a few hours.

After my shift, we headed over to the music stage The McCrary Sisters were on stage. They are a gospel group and they put on a great show.

Following them was Paul Thorn. We've seen Paul several times in the past and he puts on a great show. He got the McCrary Sisters to join the band onstage and they brought the house down.

My knee was screaming by the time we left, but as they say, Fun Ain't Cheap.


  1. I hope you can take it easy now, and not cause your knee to shriek at you any more.

  2. What a happy smile on your face in that picture. I know you must have been delighted to be out and about. Hope you rest today and give that knee a break. Little by little, step by step is the way to go !

  3. You had a happy day but your poor knee paid for it.

  4. As I was reading I was wondering how your knee would hold up to a festival.

  5. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Take it easy, my friend!!

  6. Glad you had some expensive fun. I don't knpow about the guy who snuck in in the fore ground, but the lady is mighty pretty!
    Hope the Wheel got some grease and quit screaming.

  7. Looks and sounds like you had a great day!


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