Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Higher ground

I feel for those people living by the shore on the southern east coast. Hurricane Florence looks like a beast. Storms of this magnitude come into the Gulf of Mexico. It's always a mess.

Jilda and I live 300 miles inland and when Hurricane Opal came made landfall in 1995, it left a path of destruction.

It was after we'd gone to bed for the night, the eye of the storm passed over us here. We felt the low pressure in our chest as it came through. We lost trees and power from the winds from that storm.

So, whenever there is a storm warning here we don't take it lightly.

Convoys of Alabama Power Trucks are headed to that area to help with restoring power when the wind stops blowing. I just hope everyone heads for higher ground tonight.


  1. YOu got that right, have my fingers crossed for family and friends.

  2. I’m glad you are 300 Miles in but that doesn’t mean you will not be affected so my prayers are with both of you and your doggies who are greatly affected by storms

  3. Yep, one never knows how far inland the storms may travel. We are in Del Rio now but head back to NC come Friday. WE have friends in harms way, wishing them the best.

  4. I am hoping for the beast. There are a few vicious storms about.

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  6. I heard that the strength of the hurricane has lessened, but still will be very powerful. We even have folks in the Red Cross from here that are traveling to come to the aide of those in harms way. I love how our country comes together when help is needed.

  7. Anonymous3:09 PM

    I'm so thankful we don't live in a hurricane area!!

  8. Im in North Carolina. 200 miles from the coast (and my camper). My brother in law lives ocean front and has evacuated. We pray he still has a home come Monday. Im not too worried about us here. We expect to have lots of rain. Prayers for everyone in the path. Hunker down Rick!


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