Monday, September 24, 2018

Being in sync isn't always fun ~ my column from Sunday

Jilda and I experience synchronicity all the time. When preparing to go somewhere, we’ll get dressed in our separate bathrooms. When it’s time to leave, and we meet in the great room by the door, we’re often wearing the same color tops and pants. 

Maybe it'ss the 44 years we’ve lived together, or maybe it’s some cosmic prankster having fun at our expense. We always laugh and call each other copycats. This week we experienced synchronicity, and it wasn’t nearly as much fun.

On Monday evening before heading to her community yoga class, I heard her make a pitiful mewing sound. It was kind of like a cat with a hurt paw. 

Stopping what I was doing, I looked to get the scoop. She’d dropped her phone. It didn’t fall that far and didn’t seem to hit the floor that hard, but there was a hairline crack that went from top to bottom of her phone. It still worked fine, but the crack caught the light and was distracting. 

Calling AT&T support, I asked about repairing the screen. I figured I’d need to knock off a liquor store to pay for the damage. The service rep sounded chipper. “Fortunately, you have insurance on that phone,” she said. 

Our moods brightened. That’s not too bad, I thought. We could probably hit a lemonade stand and get enough for that. Jilda failed to see the humor in my suggestion.

Fast forward to yesterday. I headed to Sumiton City Hall to cover a council meeting. I needed a llama to help carry all my stuff inside, but I did something I’d never done before. Instead of putting my phone in my pocket, I put it under my arm. My thinking was that after I got out of the truck and everything situated so that my new bionic knee was happy, I’d slip the phone into my pocket. That didn’t happen. 

When I started to walk inside, the phone slipped from under my arm and smacked the pavement hard. I knew before picking it up and looking at the screen that it would be cracked. I was right. That involuntary mewing sound came from somewhere deep inside. 

Everything worked, but every time I looked at my phone, it seemed to be screaming “SIMPLETON.” 

When I called AT&T support, I got another service rep, and she was a chipper as the other one. That must be a job requirement now. When I told her the story about my wife breaking her phone earlier in the week, I thought I detected a snort of laughter. 

She gave me a ticket number for the repair place for our phones. 

So, today on my day off, I’m not fishing or doing something fun, I’m sitting in a waiting room for a couple hours while technicians replace the screens on our phones.

I think I’m going to cruise around some of the neighborhoods around here looking for a lemonade stand I can knock off.

I shot this picture this morning on the way home from therapy. It has nothing to do with the post, but then my pictures often don't.


  1. That wasn't fun (waiting) but to happen to both - ouch. Guess buying the insurance was a good idea.Great photo.

  2. Sigh. That sort of synchronicity (which is a wonderful word) sucks.

  3. Another Alabama all-star photo...

  4. Modern problems, I know, are frustrating as past problems were. Somehow we kept apace. You, by insuring your cell phones. Me, by keeping the brick-like thing I bought 15+ years ago. I can call 911 or AAA on it but haven't turned it on in years. Someday it will wear out and I will have to rely on Norma's superior experience with modern telephony. I dread that. However, it won't be the first time she's taught me something.

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  6. So far I have not had that happen to me. I have dropped my phone many times. I use an a “Comuter Otter Box” case. Its thin and fits in my tiny purse. It makes it tought in a fall with just enough edge for cushion.


  7. Keeping in sync with each other is nice but not when it comes to dropping your phones for sure. Nice you had insurance so the repairs didn't cost you. Something to be thankful for !

  8. It's nice that you and Jilda are synchronized. Sorry about your phones though, but it's lucky for you that you had insurance. I thought that the insurance would cover the cost of repairs but I'm not sure on an older phone.

    After all these years, I finally just bought my first smart phone, an iPhone SE and I got insurance on it for a year. It was suggested to me by the sales agent. She said after a year, it doesn't make sense to buy insurance on an old phone...
    Hugs, Julia

  9. Its a shame that cell phones are now a necessity. The old type of phone hardly ever broke from being dropped.

  10. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Congratulations on your win in the insurance lottery!!

  11. Was your subconscious singing that olden line, "Anything you can do, I can do better …."? Glad it all worked out -- for both of y'all!

  12. Tim & I are often in sync as well and yeah sometime we would rather no be when things like what happened with your phones happen

  13. "Chipper AT&T reps"? How come I never get the chipper AT&T people?


  14. I just love a good sob story! LOL Glad you guys had the ins. Strange the co-incidences in long marriages.
    From Florida
    Sherry & jack

  15. Husband/wife synchronicity - an amazing phenomenon. Wendy and I have many similar tales - not the cracked phone screen one, yet, though. Great story well told, as always.


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