Friday, September 28, 2018


We've had a dead tree in our backyard that had been on my todo list for some time. About a year ago, I called a tree cutter to get an estimate.

Before he made it to our house, a storm with straight-line winds swept through and blew down thousands of trees all over the county where I live.

Suddenly, the tree guy's dance card was punched for months. One thing the storm did do was blow the top out of my dead tree. Instead of the tree being 80 feet tall and within reach of our house, the shed, and our fence on three sides, it was now only 40 feet tall. 

The tree still needed to come down but the urgency dropped dramatically. 

When our neighbor died, his daughter gave Jilda and I his utility shed. It is huge. We decided it would be perfect for Jilda a workspace for her painting project. This building had the potential of solving several problems we've been coping with for years.

The only thing – before we can take delivery of the shed, the neglected dead tree had to come down.

Calling the tree guy, he remembered me and where I lived. He said he'd run by and give me an estimate this afternoon. 

When he got here, he said this shouldn't be a problem at all. "If I'd brought my saw, I'd do it right now." I told him I had a chainsaw. I know he thought I was about to pull out a consumer-grade saw made for cutting twigs and small firewood. When I fetched my chainsaw from the shed, he nodded his head. "Yep. This'll work." 

A few minutes later the tree was on the ground and he was sawing it into small pieces so that I can move it with my tractor. 

I should have taken a picture while he was doing the deed, but I wanted to be out of range of that dead tree.

I will post pictures of Jilda's new painting room when we get it moved and set up.


  1. Yep it ain't everyone who has a chain saw a real treeman would use. that was a lucky break for both of you. Good to come out to give an estimate and be able to do the job without having to come back. NICE!

  2. I guess that storm did you a favor. Smart to not mess with felling a 40' tree. Some things are just best left to people with experience.

  3. It was done when it was meant to be done. Can't wait to see Jilda's new paint room.

  4. Looking forward to seeing Jilda's workspace.

  5. Job done. Cross it off the list.

  6. Lucky you ! Nice he took the time to get the job done while he was there. And nice too that you'll now have room for the shed. It'll be interesting to see how the converted storage shed turns into an art room for Jilda.

  7. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I want to see Jilda's art room soon (&so does she, I imagine)!!

  8. Always good when a job gets done


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