Sunday, September 23, 2018

Fun Sunday

I missed commenting on the autumnal equinox yesterday. That's what happens when I whine. The weather has been hot, but the weatherman swears that by the end of next week, things will change and the highs will be in the low 80s instead of mid to upper 90s. That will make a huge difference.

Jilda and I have a show the first Saturday night in October. We spent a few hours practicing today. We both stay so busy that we don't get as much time as we like practicing together. Both of us practice guitar and vocals individually to keep our chops sharp, but there is no substitute for practicing together.

We're working on some new material. One song we wrote a few months ago with our friend Joe Greg is entitled Coffee. It's a bluesy song and it is a lot of fun to perform.  We plan to play it for the first time in front of a crowd when we play.

It's been a fun day. I hope your Sunday has been a good one too.


  1. Love that photo. And hope you both keep having fun.

  2. Hope your show really peculates.

  3. You will have ro remember to take it just a bit easier than normal too. That will be a test.

  4. More reasonable temps will make things less exhausting - we have had a week of rain/light rain and bits of sunshine and next week the weatherman promises averages of 20 degrees C and lower at night and five days of sunshine instead of rain - hope it comes true. Fall weather, dreamed about during the hot summer.

  5. I just know that you guys have fun working together, it must be a blast.

  6. I hope you video the song when you perform.
    That photo looks like a little fairy forest with a fairy trail and all.

  7. It's a blessing that you two can do what you love together! This weekend we had cooler weather. I woke up to 53 degrees yesterday and our high barely reached. 70. After the long hot summer, it did feel refreshing ! Hope you get your cooler days soon !

  8. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I had a fun Sunday, too!!

  9. The moss, a bright green with a hint of orange in the back...really pretty photo. I am so glad the heat has left..we have about 20C today or 68F which I am loving!

  10. My Sunday was the same as every Sunday wouldn't say it was fun but it was relaxing


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