Saturday, September 29, 2018


We attended the wedding of a friend today. She lost her husband a while back. They were close. She is Jilda's age. We fretted that we may never see her smile again. 

Then something remarkable happened. A man came into her life. They started off slowly. They went to the movies, attended rock concerts, and spent time at his house on the beach and her house on the river.

A few months ago, they came to hear Jilda and I play at the local coffee house. As we surveyed the crowd from the stage, we saw her smiling. 

Today, they had a morning ceremony in her front yard. Hickory trees that reached to the skies dropped golfball sized hickory nuts on the metal roof of the gazebo during the service. Just behind the happy couple I noticed a blue heron on the bank of the river.  Crows fussed off in the distance during the prayers. And our friend smiled the whole time.

On the way home, we saw a field of goldenrod and wild daisies. I pulled to the edge of the road and snapped a few pictures. 

The daisies seemed to be smiling too.


  1. Lovely post. I hope her refound smiles continue. And grow.

  2. I wish the best for the happy couple. It is a feel good story.

  3. What a contrast, we attended a memorial service today. I am glad your day was much better than ours.

  4. Anonymous2:16 AM

    The best of luck to the happy couple!!

  5. I bet it was a sweet and lovely little wedding. Sounds like a story from a Hallmark Movie.

  6. That had to have been a very happy occasion, full of smiles, I'm sure ! Congrats to the happy couple. Yes, that picture makes me smile too!

  7. How nice that your friend found happiness again

  8. I love the picture and the bright yellow is happiness in all its splendour. I love this story about your friend and that she is blessed with a second happiness with someone else. I do believe in animal totems and how the Native Americans view animals and learn from them. I think you might like to read this bit rather than me trying to write it here.

    1. Wow Birgit, that was a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.
      I’m going to follow that writer.

  9. Such a beautiful expression of the passion of life.


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