Tuesday, September 18, 2018

It gives me hope

Even when it's hot in September and people living here in the "hot country" feel that cooler weather may never come, Mother Nature knows that it will be autumn soon. She's confident. And to give us hope, she sends signs.

My walking wings are still clipped. I won't be able to up my exercise level for another week. Right now, I'm walking the maximum allowed number of steps just doing the things I have to do in my job and the chores I do around the house.

But Jilda gives me a report each day. She put a beautiful picture out on Instagram yesterday.

I had to go back into my archives and find one from September of last year. It gives me hope.


  1. Hope is fragile - and an imperative.
    Love those autumnal colours.

  2. Autumn will come, it always does. Glad you are taking it easy and not out in the woods yet. Jilda takes some great pictures too!

  3. Soon you will be traveling along your favorite places. It is hard be limited in the things you can do.

  4. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Fantastic colors!!

  5. The only way it seems like Autumn here the leaves are falling and covering my yard. Take care you will be getting around on your new knee before to many more days.

  6. you gotta go with hope! I'm with you. Funny how you will look back as you always, have and it won't seem too long (maybe! ) :-)

  7. hallelujah, that one posted. Been having a little trouble

  8. Hope is sometimes all we have and this picture, with the bright red and 6ellow shows what hope looks like. I’m glad you are doing well and getting better every day. Crazy weather in my neck of the woods which is typical...today will be a high of 21C, then rain, tomorrow will be hot and humid with a high of 29C but will feel more like 34C but then comes more rain and, by Saturday, it will be only 18C


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