Thursday, October 25, 2018

Autumn is finally here

The street light in our yard stayed on longer this morning that it normally does. Even though the sun was out somewhere, it was no where to be seen here. And it was chilly.

As the day wore on, it got cooler and when I went outside to tend the chickens, I thought I could smell rain on the wind.

Later, when I had to run to the office for a meeting, enough rain was falling to streak my windshield when I turned on the wipers, but there wasn't enough to swish off the glass. My wipers made pooting sounds.

Jilda had tucked a vest under my arm before I headed out. By the time I reached the office which is about 20 miles away, the rain was rattling the cab of my truck. When I clicked the gearshift into park and switched off the engine, I wiggled into the vest before stepping out in the rain.

I did a quick jog inside and my new knee coorperated. I was so proud.

After the meeting, I had a couple more stops to make before heading home. I did one unplanned stop at the local coffee shop. A few moments later, I walked out with a steaming mocha. It was good for my soul.

Tonight as I write these words, I can hear the rain tapping on the metal roof. The heat just kicked on. Autumn is finally here.


  1. I'm glad the knee held up, but knock it off with the jogging, too soon.

  2. Echoing joey. And isn't autumn a lovely time of year?

  3. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Maybe it'll cool off a little!!

  4. It's getting cold here too. I miss summer already!

  5. Speaking of dark mornings, we're having one here today. I've been awake for a couple of hours, but my eyelids feel half open. Glad that new knee is doing well. Hope you enjoy the cooler days.

  6. Mocha and rain on a metal roof cant get any better!

  7. It's almost time to put on your long johns. It's getting cold here too. Don't over do it with the new knee.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. I hear the rain on the MH roof, but that does not compare to the metal roofs of my youth. I get envious when you bring that up! I am super glad that the new wheel worked great in a jog!

  9. Yippee for your new knee! It’s been raining here off and on all week and am loving the temps and rain. I love this moody picture which reminds me of the opening scene in the 1948 movie Oliver Twist

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