Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Plant moving day tomorrow

Tomorrow we'll have to bring our plants inside. The weather was warm enough to swim just over a week ago, and now the weatherman is predicting frost by the weekend. 

Most of our plants are citrus and they tend to frown on cold weather. We leave them out until we get "THE FORECAST." 

I'll also have to put the plastic sheeting around the screen porch tomorrow as well. 

Last year, the lemon and grapefruit trees thrived on the screen porch. On cold nights I keep a small electric heater on which kept the porch comfortable. 

Someone asked us recently why we went through all the trouble of moving the plants inside and out during the winter and summer. When we explained that some of the plants were over 50 years old and were gifts from our parents and grandparents they understood, but I doubt they would have bothered had the plants been given to them.

The thing is, once Jilda and I are gone, I doubt any of our kinfolks will bother with them either. 

This morning when Jilda and I walked, I noticed branches of one of the blueberry bushes was turning. The light fell just right, so I snapped a picture for the blog tonight. 

If any of you are close to Empire tomorrow and want a little exercise, feel free to drop by. I have a lemon tree 14 feet tall waiting for you to carry it inside.


  1. With the best will in the world I couldn't be in Empire tomorrow :).
    Don't let that stop you from having a day packed with action and fun.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I won't be there (and could be of little assistance anyway) but good luck. I would be bringing those plants in as well.

  4. I carried my lemon tree in last week. It is only 2 feet tall and one year old though. I do not have a sunny place inside my house so I have to put it in my car and drive it to my office. I have a nice window ledge inside that it sits on during the Winter so it can still get sun. This will be its 2nd Winter on there.

  5. Good luck with having help to move that tall lemon tree. I didn't know that Alabama got frost this early in the fall.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Oh my, it sounds like you need some wheels put on the bottom to wheel those trees around. Lifting something that big can't be easy. Hope you do get lots of help!

  7. Beautiful color, and I would like to help Jida move that tree, but my back has been acting up! ;-) How sweet is it to have a house you can move a tree that size into! NEAT!

    I cannot comment using Chrome, I had to change to Foxfire.

  8. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Start without me, Rick!!


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