Sunday, October 07, 2018

Laying sorry

Today has been a restful one. I needed it. Spending time on Friday and Saturday at the festivals was fun, but this morning it all caught up with me. "I laid sorry most of the day," as my grandma used to say. 

We left today open for the most part. My nephews' wife is recovering from mono and Jilda promised James that she'd make lasagna and bring it to them for dinner this even. 

After we got home, it was early, but we both looked at each other knowingly and donned out pajamas.

I can promise you it will be an early night tonight.

Sorry for the brief post. I'll do better tomorrow.

A picture of us from the archives.


  1. You are totally entitled to lay sorry (a wonderful phrase I may purloin).
    Rest up well.

  2. Beautiful picture of you two!!! Ive never heard that saying “laying sorry” but I like it. Ha.
    Short post are fine with me.

  3. Every one of us needs a day like that every now and then. Matter of fact most Sundays are like that for me. A day of rest to refresh and renew for the week ahead. A Sunday well spent means a week of truer words ever heard.

  4. I love those kind of days, where you put the pj's on early and veg.

  5. I was wondering when all your activity would catch up to you. Rest well both of you.

  6. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!!

  7. I'm with Lisa, beautiful picture of Jilda oh, and you aof course. LOL
    Just lay sorry! but relax!

  8. Good way to catch up on rest..enjoy! I love the pic of you cute!


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