Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Weather Lore

An old neighbor used to say that when there are "a plenty" of hickory nuts "a fallin'" then it's bound to be a cold winter. If that's true, I'm buying some more long-johns. 

Each day when we walk, we have to tiptoe by the old barn because walking over the hickory nuts is hazardous. It's been a while since we've had this many.

When I was a kid, my grandmother used to pay me in candy to crack hickory nuts for her. She wanted enough of the "goodie" (the edible stuff inside the nut) to back a cake. I thought I was taking advantage of her because there was nothing I enjoyed more than beating the crap out of things with a hammer. 

I soon learned that hickory nuts have mother nature's version of titanium. I beat the hide off of both my thumbs and most of my fingers. I finally got enough for a cake, but I thought she should have given me the entire box of candy.


  1. Too bad you didn't use a vise. Not much fun, but easy on the thumbs.

  2. We had a big black walnut tree removed a few years ago because when I mowed I was always spewing out nuts everywhere! I also slipped more than once going to the creek. Don't miss that messy tree at they paid us for! No candy though!

  3. It used to be great fun to go into the attic where my grandparents stored walnuts from their trees. There was a thick piece of metal and a couple of hammers for us bang away to our hearts' content. (The walnuts tasted good too.

  4. We used to love to hammer chop Hickory Nuts when I was young. They also made great weapon if someone walked past our tree house. Haha.
    I see a lot now on my walks. No desire to crack enough for a cake but the the thought has crossed my mind.

  5. I am surprised you could ge5 them open...they are so tough. I bet her pies were delicious

  6. Experience has taught me to trust the old 'uns weather pronouncements. Stock up on those long johns.

  7. Every weather forecast I've heard has been for a cold winter, so best you pay head to those nuts. I remember when the only nuts we had were the ones you had to crack open. Now I just buy a bag full of ones already shelled when I want some. I haven't always liked all the changes that have happened in my lifetime, but this is one I do appreciate.

  8. The old folks were pretty observant and wise so I too would say to get yourself some more long johns.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. Yes, I even in hind sight feel your pain. I had walnuts in my salad today and commented to Sherry but these aren't REAL walnuts. LOL Real walnuts are WORK!
    I smiled reading this.
    OH, in one RV Park I met a welder from Iowa who had built a hickory nut and Walnut cracker. He had enough leverage to neatly crack either nut. It worked like a champ.
    Memories ,,,,, Thanks.

  10. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I don't think I've ever tasted hickory nuts!!


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