Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Fall morning

The dogwood tree on the property we bought a few years ago is leading the pack on color this year. I've tried several times to get a picture, but the light hasn't been right. I could take a picture but it wouldn't do it justice. 

This morning I took the big dogs out while Jilda was getting the halter and leash on Taz. Ol' Hook and Lady jumped a deer and were off before I could blink. Caillou looked around as if to say, "Can you believe those hair-brains think they can catch that deer?"

While waiting for Jilda to come out, I noticed the sun on some autumn grass. I thought it made an interesting picture.

It was a beautiful fall morning here.


  1. It does look like a truly beautiful morning.
    And hope springs eternal re the dogs and the deer.

  2. Photo is more than interesting --fascinating-- no matter how many times this planet, this garden, circles the sun, I will always appreciate scenes like this.

  3. The sunlight does make a difference. Your grass is beautiful. Sunlight is rare for us this time of year, so I'll have to remember to take more pictures on sunny days. I'm with Cailou, those dogs are not ever going to catch that deer.

  4. The tall grass looks like it's covered in frost.
    No sunlight today, just rain and somber skies. Happy Halloween.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I always enjoy your mind conversations with Caillou and the others. I only have squirrels and lizards to talk to.
    Yep, sometimes I do miss the autumn sights. Good catch!

  6. That is a beautiful photo with the light hitting the plant just right. You have such a nice life and so do your doggies

  7. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Happy Halloween to you, Jilda & all your furry friends!

  8. "Hair-Brains". hahaha.
    Happy Halloween!


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