Sunday, October 14, 2018

Waning Zinnias

It's been a low-key Sunday for both Jilda and me. We laid down after lunch for a nap and didn't bother to set a timer. I think I may have slobbered on my pillow.  After the nap, I decided to do something productive. Cutting the grass was on top of my list so I got to it.

This afternoon a breeze out of the west was cool but the sun was warm. That means it was perfect weather to cut grass. Topping off the tank of the old John Deere, I started mowing.

Cutting around the garden, I had considered mowing down the Zinnias. As I approached them I cut the engine and got off to inspect. Normally, these beauties thrive and decorate our mantel and bathrooms until frost. But these are beginning to look sad. The late August and September heatwave had its way with the plants.

The butterflies still had not given up on the flowering beauties and I thought it would be a shame if I did. So I gave them a reprieve for a few more weeks. Maybe if we get rain, they'll make a comeback.

I hope your Sunday has been a lazy day too.


  1. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Butterflies & zinnias; what a wonderful combination!!

  2. I think you will be able to enjoy them a little longer.

  3. No resting for me today. We drove home from the beach all day but the sleep tonight will be wonderful. We are tired and our daughter is here so this mom will not be doing any worrying tonight.

  4. It was 0℃ or 32℉ this morning at my place and not too many flowers are left. Maybe some patches here and there in sheltered areas.
    You can bring that Zinnia flower inside for Jilda to enjoy.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. There is nothing better than a Sunday nap to revive you ! Hope the week ahead is a good one for you !

  6. This Sunday was no day of rest for me.

  7. Yeah we had a good day, BUT the night not so much. I felt every day of my 79 years and 20 more. LOL I am about to recover, I hope.Glad you had a great day. Good decision on the Z's.

  8. My Sundays are always pretty lazy


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