Thursday, October 18, 2018


Jilda is still struggling with sinus crud so she went in for a followup visit today. She could probably have gone alone, but I wasn't sure what all they would have to do so I decided to take my laptop and write in the waiting room.

I knocked out my column for Sunday and most of a news story while I waited.

At one point, my eyes were weary from looking at the screen so I looked toward the window at the blue sky. Across the way, I noticed two young children. I did not know them but I'm guessing they were brother and sister. 

They were two cute kids and got along together well. As I watched, the young boy was showing his sister something on his iPad. I took a picture and posted it here last night. One of my blog buddies commented that it could be considered illegal in some places. The more I thought about it, I realized that while it was not the intent, it could be considered an invasion of privacy so I removed the picture.


  1. They are absolute cuties. Sadly in some places here your photo would have put you in breach of the law.

  2. They look like Spanky and Darla from the Our Gang kids.

  3. I know what you are saying. I try to only post picture of my own family, so I don't infringe on others privacy. Glad you got so much done though while you were waiting.

  4. The picture is still on my Reading List and they are sweet looking kids.

    When I attended my grandson's School Fair last year, they had a big sign that stated that we were not allowed to take pictures of other kids for their own protection. It made sense to me.
    I hope that Jilda kick this sinus infection. It sounds awful.

    Hugs, Julia

  5. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I wish I could have seen the picture!!

  6. It is things like this that make me sorrowful for the way things are today. A sweet moment cannot be shared. Pity

  7. I try to make it a point that if I ever take photos of people or a crowd, I will take it as long as they are looking away or if I can blur their faces. Hate I missed the photo before you took it down. Glad you got an article wrote while waiting and Im sure Jilda appreciated you being there.

  8. Wishing Jilda a great day ahead with the 'nasties' gone! Just my opinion, but common sense has been replaced with FEAR. I try to cooperate to 'get along,' but resent everything becoming a bug a boo!
    But this isn't my world any longer. I am not relevant, but I hate the fact that my grands and greats will never know the FREEDOM of living their own lives without being responsible for KNOWing what is correct or even politically correct.

    Anyway it is nice to have something to do in the waiting room that is productive. Good for you!


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