Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Locked out

Today has been jammed. I went to a city council meeting this morning. When I got out of the truck,  I had both arms full of stuff to take inside. Once the meeting was over, I headed out to the truck to go to another appointment, but I couldn't find my keys.

I traced my steps to see if I had dropped my keys on the way inside. Then I walked over and peered through the tinted glass. There they were dangling from the ignition. DANG! I thought.

I pulled the cell from my pocket and called Jilda at home. She was walking the dogs, but she hurried back inside and drove the 12 miles to the city hall to bring my spare key.

She didn't hound me or give me a hard time. She just opened the door, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, "I'll see you later."

When I went to the newspaper office this afternoon, I stopped by the Ford dealership and had a spare key made.

Hopefully, I won't be stranded with keys locked inside my car again.

An old picture of the beast.


  1. I think we have all been there at least once. Glad that Jilda was close by.

  2. The new cars have a fob thing you just keep in your pocket so this shouldn't happen to me. The one time it did happen I realized what I was doing but could not stop the momentum of the door...felt pretty stupid. This week I out-stupided key locking by a mile, my wife was similarly forgiving.

  3. Ok, it seems I can write here. She’s a sweetheart! I did this twice so now I carry a spare with me

  4. It is terrible when that happens. You were lucky Jilda was close by.

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  6. I once dropped my keys inside the car as I was closing the door and had to call my Road Assistance Insurance CAA and they quickly came to unlock my door as George was in the hay field. The next time they came, I had accidentally locked my purse in the trunk with the keys inside after loading the trunk with grocery. I guess I was too busy to think.

    I have also used their service twice for flat tires and once when my car wouldn't start. They are well worth it for a woman who drives a car as long as we don't forget our cell phone, lol.

  7. We’ve all been there. and I must say “I love that Ford truck”

  8. You are definitely not the only one to have done that. It's a sinking feeling when you see those keys dangling inside. I even did that once with the car running. I'd gone out to let it warm up before leaving for work. Thankfully I do have a spare set of keys. Everyone should have an extra set. Sure saves a lot of aggravation. Glad you had another set made!

  9. Anonymous12:01 PM

    As you already know, Jilda is a sweetheart!!

  10. Yep, that is a kick in the shin. Bad enough for someone else, but when it is YOU it really hurts. But it is great to have a good looking back up, that kisses you too!


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