Friday, October 26, 2018

This time of year

A few months ago I got a recall notice on my 2004 Ford Ranger. Apparently, there was an issue with the airbags. I called to make an appointment but the parts weren't in. They called earlier in the week to say the parts were in.

I made an appointment for 8 a.m. The time seemed reasonable on Monday afternoon, but this morning Jilda looked at me and asked what the heck I was thinking? I didn't have a good answer.

After were got back we decided to walk. It wasn't raining but the mist was thick enough to lick from the air.

On our first lap, I noticed a small bush between the back gate and the barn. The red berries looked like tiny beacons.  These bushes can be invasive, but so far they are just here and there. They are beautiful this time of year.


  1. RED! Yeah it is hard to turn down RED in the woods. Love it.
    BTW... Yeah, what were you thinking??? LOL

  2. 8 is a little too early.

  3. I LIKE early appointments. That way, whatever it is, is over early.
    Love that red bush.

  4. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Would they mind if I showed up for an 8 o'clock appointment in my jammies?

  5. I would agree with Jilda, but then it is done and over and you got to see the beauty in the woods. Nothing wrong with that at all !

  6. I rather have an appointment after the rush hour, when things has calmed down.
    Those berries are eye catching and would great for Christmas decorations.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Good to make that early appointment and loving that pictures with that bold red

  8. It's like a little reminder that life hasn't left us.

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