Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Hunting for apples

I was between projects this afternoon so I filled my glass full of water from the sink and stood looking out the window at nothing in particular. Something in the field caught my eye and it took a second to realize it was a deer under the apple tree.

It was standing on its back legs trying to reach one of the apples but the low-hanging fruit was the first to go. He couldn't reach the ones that were left.

I pulled the phone from my pocket, but the image of the deer was too small. Stepping to the computer room, I got my big camera with a telephoto lens and stepped to the back deck.

Even though I was in stealth mode, the deer wasn't fooled. It was on full alert. I shot of one picture before it darted through the field and disappeared behind the barn. 

I used to feed them corn to hold them over until the winter food source came in, but hunting season is just around the corner and I didn't want to draw them here because they have to cross land on which people hunt.

So, they have to come back now and then to see if an apple has fallen or if there are persimmons for the munching.

Travel safe my little buddy.


  1. Travel safe indeed. And thank you for your care for them.

  2. He looks well fed for the winter, hope he makes it.

  3. I think that they remember where there is something sweet to eat and come back again and again. You were quick to get that picture. It looks like one of those picturesque photos on a calendar and definitely a keeper!

  4. In all reality, she will win. Or at least if I was the hunter she would. I hunted every deer season many years and never even got a shot at one. BUT but, we ate well. Camping for a week and talking to my best friend way into the night will always be remembered.
    I picture the sight I stood and watched once, 'It was a deer standing on her hind legs getting wild apples, BEAUTIFUL and so graceful!

  5. Wow, great picture. To me, the only way to shoot a beautiful creature like that, is with a camera.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Great shot Rick! Deer are so graceful. I once saw 3 bucks across the street in the neighbors yard. We live in the city. not sure where they came from.

  7. I'm so glad you're looking out for the deer's well being, Rick! I know all the arguments for hunting, but it still makes my heart hurt.

  8. Anonymous1:40 PM

    I'm a city girl & I abhor hunting!!

  9. I know of one apple orchard the tries to leaves plenty of apples on lower branches for the deer.

  10. Deer can explode so hunting them is not bad provided the hunters use every piece but I could never, ever, be a hunter. The deer photo you captured is great. I can see that the deer is ready to take off.

  11. Lovely photo and narrative!


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