Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Winter ready

Tonight my bones are aching...all of them. I got the screen porch sealed with plastic and moved all the plants in from outside.

Even though I'm weary, it's a good kind of weary. Getting the plants inside to safety was a big to-do on my list. 

I mentioned how tall the lemon trees were but I snapped a picture just after we moved them inside and had Jilda stand beside them so you can get an idea how tall they are in our house.

We had already trimmed off more than a foot from the tops of each tree.


  1. I am getting ready for summer, the weather here is all over the place

  2. They are big...or is Jilda really tiny?

  3. Those are impressive trees. No wonder you are a tired puppy.

  4. Do they produce lemons? I had one in a pot once. It did not. But these are much bigger! I had no idea they grew this tall.

    1. We have a small Mayer (?) lemon tree that has lemons but these never have had fruit.

  5. Wow. I could never do that as my ceilings are only 8 foot tall. Your trees are beauiful inside though.

  6. Oh my, what a job you had. They are tall and you are blessed to have a place to store them for the winter. In the future you may have to build a green house just for your trees.

  7. Love the 'A' frame design, always have but never built one. Seeing this is another plus for learning from 'Life 101'. Maybe I will graduate soon.
    Good one! And Jilda? You are one lucky dude, but then you know that! ;-)

  8. Wow, your trees are so tall. I'm wondering how much longer you will be able to bring them inside.
    I once has a lemon tree that was started by a seed at my daughter's place and when they had no more room for it at her place it was brought into my sunroom. It got blooms on it but it got attacked by some bugs that came in with it and the leaves started to fall. It was eventually thrown out.
    I've heard that dwarf lemon trees produce fruits easier than tall trees.

    Hugs, Julia

  9. Now I'm thinking I need me a lemon tree!

  10. You live in a tree house.


  11. Anonymous11:58 PM

    You sure have tall ceilings!!

  12. It’s great you have cathedral ceilings and they will love that window

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