Friday, October 05, 2018

Poignant moment

We played at the Frog Level Festival in Fayette tonight. When we took the stage at 6 p.m. it was still 85 degrees and still as a crypt. I can't remember it ever staying this hot in October though I could be wrong.

The sound folks did a remarkable job. They have the high-dollar equipment. Our sound guy Fred went with us last year and lusted all over their amps, racks, and speakers.

We closed out the set with World Keeps Spinning. It's a melancholy song about turbulent times. The idea came from the stories Jilda heard from the military folks coming from a war zone. It's not a happy song, but we think it's an important one.

After we finished, a veteran who was sitting in the audience came up to Jilda and shook her hand. He saw things that we sang about. It was a poignant moment.

I love this festival. The arts and crafts are remarkable and the people are friendly. 

Places like this are why we keep playing music.

I used a picture from the Frog Level Facebook page.


  1. I am sure you made that Veteran's Day. Thank you.

  2. Unless you two are coming to California with your songs, I'd love to hear you via internet or record --or any other media. Please.

  3. You guys spread some joy where ever you go methinks. Enjoyed the read!

  4. Glad all went well and you had good time as well as providing good times for those there too. We've had a few cooler days here and there but it's unusually warm for us here in Ohio too. Today we're to be mid 80's they say.

  5. Jilda must have been touched by the veteran's response.

    1. Anonymous8:52 PM

      She must have been; I know I was!!


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