Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Road time

I put a lot of miles on my vehicle today. An early morning city council meeting had me rolling just after coffee and afterward, Jilda had the crud and went to see her ENT. These appointments can be squirrely because of her Meniere's Disease so I took her.

Once home we had a quick lunch and I was on the road again for appointments in another city.  One stop was at the Bankhead House and Herritage Center where they are having an exposition on music. I loaned them one of my guitars so I loaned them one with a story behind it.

Organizers also asked Jilda and I to perform there later in October. We'll be playing acoustic in the living room by the fireplace. It was 94 degrees here today, so I doubt there will be a fire burning while we play.

As I was leaving, the beautiful fall color taunted the heat so I shot a picture in support of her defiance.

By the time I got home, I felt as if all the air had been let out of my tires.


  1. Hope Jilda gets over the crud soon. It does not mix well with Menier’s. I have had two weeks in a row now without the dizziness but I know it can hit at any second. I was just mentioning to someone how the leaves seem to be taking their time this year. So is the temperatures!

  2. You're leaving us hanging, what is the story behind the guitar you lent them?

    1. http://www.rickwatson-writer.com/2015/06/adams-guitar.html?m=1

      Adam’s Guitar.

  3. I really do enjoy your shots. This one is especially nice, with the contrasting colors. sorry all the air is our of your 'tars' as they say in south Georgia

  4. I describe that as feeling like chewed string.
    I hope both you and Jilda recover completely. Soon.

  5. I can relate to that day. Busy days always leave me feeling flat. The good thing is that a good nights sleep usually fixes that. Hope you are ready for another new day ! Happy Wednesday!

  6. You must be happy to be back into your normal hectic schedule.

  7. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Glad you had enough air for the photo!!

  8. Sure hope Jilda feels better soon. It's been a warm week here too. It went from pretty chilly (in the 40's) to the 80's. Our leaves are slow to turn this year. Crazy! Looking forward to reading about that special guitar!

  9. Dear Rick, I so hope that Jilda's Meniere's is not progressive or intractable. (those two words describe what mine was like before I had an operation in February 2007) Is she having acute rotational vertigo episodes? Those always made me wonder which universe was real. I so hope that Meniere's is not dampening her spirits so that she is losing her interest in life. that's what happened with me back in 2006. It's a horrible disease. Peace.

  10. Wow what a stunning photo, I have heard Meniere's Disease and it isn't something I would like

  11. I so enjoy reading your stories. You have a way of making what would be a relatively mundane entry in most folks' journals into a living, breathing tale. It's like we are on the road with you and Jilda. >>> satisfied sigh <<<


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