Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Brand New Man

My muscles ache tonight. The wind out of the northwest blew all day long and temps hovered in the low 40's making it feel like Chicago in December. 
I wrote my weekly column, and prepared for a talk and book signing at the Genealogy Society on Thursday, so I managed to stay inside for most of the morning.
But after lunch my friend J.T. Morgan showed up to fix my chain-link fence in the back yard, so I wrapped up like a thermal cocoon and went outside while they worked.
After he left, I looked around the yard and shook my head. A litter of leaves, pine cones, limbs, and straw covered the ground like a lumpy carpet.
I fetched the long yellow-handled rake and began hauling debris to the burn pile. I can't actually burn just now because of the wind, and the fact that for once the humidity is hovering at 0%. Normally the air is as moist as a glass of tea, but today the air is as dry as snuff. Because of the low humidity, the weather service issued a burn ban which means the mountain of stuff will have to wait.
I have a carpenter, and a roof man coming tomorrow to give estimates and timeframes for repairs. Hopefully we'll be back to semi-normal in by mid April.
I feel like I've been beaten with an ugly stick tonight so I plan to soak in one of Jilda's magic lavender and epsom salts baths. Twenty minutes in there and I'll be a brand new man.


  1. Glad to hear you're getting back to "sort of" normal. Hope all gets fixed and you get some relief! I just read your previous post and I'm sorry to hear about your friend. It sounds like he has a great attitude and that's 90% of the cure. I wish him luck. Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Glad things are slowly getting back to normal, enjoy your curative soak!

  3. Glad that the road back to a semblance of normality has begun my friend.

  4. I hope that you will be back to normal soon. It's like us after the big flood. It takes years to get things to normal and then it floods all over again and we just keep on all over again.

    It's amazing what a good epsom salt and lavender can do. Smells good too.

  5. Wow- You have a lot left to do after the storm, don't you? I hope that it all gets taken care of and stays that way (until the next time). Hope the good soak helped and the aches and pains went down the drain with the bath water- xo Diana

  6. You have had a very long week, enjoy that relaxing bath.

    I might take one of these tonight, it might help me sleep;)


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