Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Eve

Tomorrow, my lovely spouse will celebrate a birthday I won't say which one for fear of having to eat Kibbles and Bits for the next month of so. I can say without hesitation that she does not look her age.
I've seen 30 year-olds that look and act much older.
We started dating when she was 16. We didn't marry until after she went off to college and I returned from military service, but I think we both somehow knew we'd wind up together.
I think a mistake that young lovers make today is that they marry based on attraction alone. Attraction/passion plays a part, but if you don't have common interests, the road is often rocky.
Young people often get married with full knowledge of their partner's behaviors, thinking they will change after the exchange rings. That rarely happens. 
If a guy loves hunting and fishing before marriage, it is doubtful he'll want to forego hunting and fishing to pick out window treatments, and new comforters for the bedroom. 
If a woman likes a Friday night out with the girls every now and then, no amount of sulking and whining will change that.
So, the secret to a long successful marriage, is to find someone who likes some of the same things you like. Someone who likes to hit flea markets with you on weekends, or someone who likes to camp out on soggy creek banks and clean trout for dinner.
I'm not sure if I knew this when I first met Jilda or not. Maybe we both got lucky and found partners that fit like an expensive leather glove. But we both love writing songs and playing music. We love taking pictures, and art. We love entertaining friends, reading, writing, and cussing politicians.
At any rate, it's been a great 41 (since we met) years. 
Happy Birthday Jilda. 


  1. clever devil. I think you gave Jilda's age away with the last sentence before Happy Birthday. Wish her a happy birthday for me, too. I can tell that you are both blessed- xo Diana

  2. Have a lovely time celebrating your love's birthday and your love!

  3. The perfect match! Have a wonderful day celebrating her birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday to Jilda... :)

  5. Happy birthday to your wonderful wife!

  6. Congratulations on your happy marriage and Jilda's birthday. I agree with you that common interests are vital to a good marriage.

  7. Lovely post. Enjoy her birthday together.


  8. A story of enduring love. You don't see much of that today. Don't forget to tell her how much you appreciate and love her. It's her birthday, after all! : )

  9. Happy Birthday Jilda! I hope you had a fun day. Sounds like you two hit the perfect pitch when you got hitched..hey, can you put that into a song? Just kidding! She's a beauty who absolutely looks 30! I remember a saying that goes: "Women marry thinking they will change their husbands...Men marry thinking their wives should never change!" Or something like that! Have a good weekend Rick!

  10. Thanks all for your kind words.


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