Thursday, March 21, 2013

No Power AGAIN

We came home to a dark house again. Maybe it time to move back to civilization.
I'm writi g this with spotty service on my iPhone.
Sorry to be a broken record.
More tomorrow.
UPDATE: The power clicked on last night after midnight. I know we live in a rural area, and I can understand storm damage, but our lights go out when squirrels pass gas on the lines and I'm about to go on the offensive with Mr. Power Company executive.
I know that if the CEO were getting the same service as we get, they'd be blood splattered on the walls in the local field office.
I'll keep you updated on my mission.


  1. Praying for power for you! ~Diana~

  2. Hope the power comes back soon Rick. Roll Tide!!

  3. Well once you get into country living you have to make sure you have other sources of power like solar, waer and wind or maybe even a good generator.
    Cities have the same problems. I myself dont like everything being so controlled by electricity.
    Grin and bear as they say. At least there are so many other things to enjoy.

  4. I fall apart without electricity. Mine rarely goes off, but when it does, I think it's the end of the world. And it would be if it happened during the heat of summer. It gets rather hot and humid in Florida. I would probably sit in my car and run the AC.


  5. I hope they will fix the problem soon.

  6. The real pain of all this is the fact that your electric bill won't be smaller! I have my issues with the electric company as you know..good luck and give them a smack in the head for me!

  7. In a Crisis, he utilizes. He uses his iPhone and gets the message out. The Watson's are safe for the time being. Now to deal with Mr. Power Company the dreaded monopoly Electric Monster. The Rick Watson Saga continues... soon to be in a theatre near you. Love it! Keep your fans posted.


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